Sunday, November 16, 2014

Critical Mass

So much is happening so fast all over. So many thoughts in my mind and subjects to talk about. So I tried to find one topic that is an umbrella on many of my thoughts.

It feels like the SL Performance-Dance community has reached critical mass.  

"the minimum size or amount of something required to start or maintain a venture."

I define that as a 'point' where the sheer volume and excitement level of activity is so weighty, that the weightiness itself has an affect on a spurt in its growth and appeal.

One thing that is happening is fast-paced trending. A new idea is quick to find mass acceptance as venues quickly react to try and stay on an even keel with each other.

In just very recent times we've seen:

1) a resurgence of the emote, condensed, pertinent, and repackaged
2) the offering of in-venue mentor programs to reach out and help the new
3) readdressing the sensual side of burlesque with a new uninhibited bravado
4) a sharp increase in the demand for male-dancers, maybe due to the introduction of mirrored dances
5) increase in the inclusion of single-to-couple transitioning

6) sold out performances
7) acceptance of arriving early and waiting. I think its because we tend to spend a lot of SL time 'standing around doing nothing' anyways. So why not stand-around with purpose and intent?
8) acceptance of the increased complexity of show-productions
9) acceptance of the importance of the role tools play as a part of performing
10) innovating problem-solving

11) increase in the smart use of particles...(I expect to see this trend continue)
12) standardizing of methods-of-operations - people are learning and agreeing on steps to always take i.e. caching methodologies, ways to handle crashing, scheduling of large troupe-sizes, rehearsals, and performer juggling
13) simultaneous multiple group dancing
14) advances in handling lag; i.e. use of double-sims, de-rendering the audience, pre-caching; forced seating; suggesting viewer setttings; lowered-graphic settings.
15) a marked decrease in the wait-time between acts.

16) increased emphasis on audience immersion
17) increased complexity of group-dance choreography
18) on-staff specialists. Following along the lines of RL productions, many venues now have their own specialists: costume-makers; production designers; scripters; set builders. I expect to see sometime in the future; writers; directors (for camera views); actors
19) There is an excitement of 'becoming involved' because there is contagion in the joining in with the excitement of others. Its uplifting to be around people who are already uplifted and excited and joyous about what they are doing.
20) increased level of multitasking multiple performances across multiple venues
21) an increase in overlooking past squabbles, working side-by-side with past adversaries, casting swords aside, all in the name of the greater-love-of-the-dance which is swelling to un-reached summits. Yes i see it, been between it, heard in one ear and out the other, been part of it.

I am not sure if people are performing less at their home venues because they are doing more performances at other venues to increase exposure and routine-reuse? But its good for the audience who wouldn't normally go to a different venue. They are able to see acts that, maybe due to day-and-time, they could not attend.

Seems people are much busier than in the olden days. I know i have had a sudden marked increase in involvement with other people and with other venues after being in the basement for the last 4 years.
Oh the sun...its hurting my eyes.

And for sure I've noticed the community getting smaller in that I keep running into the same people and more often. And I feel a true sense of more community spirit and love...old barriers of unfamiliarity are crumbling as we put our LOVE OF DANCE before past and present squabbles. A lot of forgiving an kissing and making-up going on ..because...this love...well it just feels so good.

So a word to the new...if you have issues with had best plan on you working with them in the not-too-distant future because its the way relationships are redeveloping in the name of the greater good...that being the art and love-of-the-dance. Our world is shrinking and love is growing and our love-of-the-dance and desire to create and share our creations is taking over in a good way.

Lat "Yummy" Lovenkraft