Friday, April 27, 2012

IMAB - Communication of Vision to Artists

IMAB - Communication of Vision to Artists 120427

Medora Chevalier sent us this invitation today ...


In August of 2010, Artspace Diabolus Cybernetic Art Research Project (CARP) announced the release of "Metaverse Art", a four volume set of books are available via print on-demand.  The production of the books was a collaborative effort between; Velazquez Bonetto and Josina Burgess (CARP’s founders) and Nazz Lane (author of Lanes List) with a forward by Dancoyote Antonelli. The four volumes of Metaverse Art brought to light the creative minds of many of Second Life’s notable artists and content creators. These are the cutting edge creators, who are utilizing virtual worlds to extend art into this newest space of human existence, the Metaverse.

In the books introduction, Nazz wrote that; “We believe the results establish a framework for those who may choose to follow, in assessing this nascent foray of humanity into the metaverse as they explore their place in it through the visual, performance and literary arts.”
Two years later,  an idea sparked for Velazquez Bonetto, and the editors of the Metaverse Art volumes have gotten back together and are about to launch into a repeat effort that extends beyond Second Life and in other virtual worlds as well. With that initial framework established, we have agreed to build on it with an initiative entitled, “Intergrid Metaverse Art Biennial”.

It is the goal of the Biennial to present future oriented ideas such as; Techniques, Scripting, Methods etc.  As part of the goal it is our intent to not only exhibit these important trends, but also document them as well. We invite as many as possible of the artists from within these disciplines;

Metaverse Art Expression Form Taxonomy:
Inland sound objects
Collaborative inland sound productions
Soundtrack creation
Live music events
Metaverse snapshot and picture manipulation
Machinima, video kaleidoscope
Online broadcasting
Static virtual space objects, installations
Costume and avatar design
Virtual architecture
Virtual landscape
Avatar animation
Kinetic virtual time-space artworks
Virtual art large scale complex
Cybernetic virtual time-space artworks
Virtual performance
Virtual theatre
Immersive 4d Cinema
Combinations of the different expression forms
On the borderline of the art and science
Mixed environments

Virtual worlds we have contacts and have obtained commitments for SIM include:
Metropolis ( 6 sims CARP Rotwangs Labor, Yoshivara, CARP1 CARP2 CARP3 CARP4)
Inworldz ( 14 sims via Alizarin Goldflake)
Second Life CARP Benvolio, Jourdain

We ask YOU as a creator/artist/builder/musician/writer to step in and show your best work on SL or on another Grid! This is the first time that something as big as an"Intergrid" art event has been organized and we once again open the road for those that may follow us. It is history that we are writing and pioneering what we are doing.

We anticipate that many blogs and magazines will write about the IMAB and many video’s will be made. In RL galleries are interested to see what's possible with some form of crossover events.
We also formed a “Core Team” of organizers/creators/professionals that are willing to answer your questions.

Please Contact any of the Core Team Members below for further information:

We are:
Alizarin Goldflake
Thirza Ember
Marjorie Fargis
Nazz Lane
Velazquez Bonetto
Josina Burgess
Medora Chevalier
Junivers Stockholm
Reslez Steeplechase