Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hidden Animations

Hidden Animations 120429

As I write this note I am dancing a very cute dance called ~fwaitd. If I asked you to guess the creator of the dance and told you it is a MOCAP maker, I think almost all of you would choose the wrong maker.

~fwaitd is made by A&M. Hahahaha, an asterisk-free dance.

~fwaitd represents what I called a hidden animation. These are animations that are found in unexpected places. This one is the female waiting dance in one of A&M's couples dances. When I took apart the couples dances for my couples dance system (TIS Hybrid or Intan) this animation was also there. It is what the female dances while waiting for the male to hop on the pose ball.

And WOW, it's a cute anim. It now resides in my dance HUD.

I would guess that you have a lot of hidden anims in your inventory right now. Most are probably animated poses not dances, but still some may be useful in dancing.

These animations are not only in couples dances, but in any object in which there is movement or positioning of your avatar. Here are some examples:
  • I have a swing set for kids and it's copyable, Inside I found a sitting anim with swinging legs.
  • I have lots of HUDs for everything from dancing to sex as well as AOs. Inside are anims. I always look at all of them to see if they are useful. 
  • I got a freebie saxophone. Inside is a saxophone-playing animation.
If your Objects inventory is like mine, it is full of seemingly useless stuff. If you want to add some fun to your inventory housecleaning, go through your Objects folder and throw out the useless stuff, BUT check each object for animations. My guess is you have quite a few there.

Happy hunting ...