Monday, April 9, 2012

Dancing to Classical Music

Dancing to Classical Music 120409

Tia Heinkel sent us this invitation to dance to classical music ...


On Friday 13th April from 1.00pm  till 5.00pm  SL time we are staging a classical music event with dancing and a 3D surround light show. The music will be well known classical favourites [we have 2 DJ's playing 30 mins each in turn of their favourites] and is planned to be a fun and energising event.

The dancing will range from the fast and furiouis Can Can, through wild leaps to Wagner and the delicate ballet of Swan Lake - and all points in between.

I will lead group dances from my chim but its very informal and I would be delighted if other dancers would like to come along and dance solo or share their dances with others in an equally informal way.

I dont think that there is much classical dancing in SL and this would be a great opportunity for dancers to practice and try their skills. It seems to me that classical dancing is quite different to the usual dance in SL with changes of dance needed in the one piece of music to match it well.

Dress is anything that you would want to wear to a classical concert.

The poster for the event is attached.

The LM is
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