Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The History of SL Dance - Author/Investigator Wanted

The History of SL Dance - Author/Investigator Wanted 120410

One of the ideas that came from the March 2012 DANCE QUEENS Survey is to write a history of SL dance. It is a kind of strange to think of dance history for a group that is dedicated to the fun of dancing, but, then again, maybe it is not so strange.

I love history because it helps me understand why things are the way they are. When I think about my five plus years of dancing in SL I have seen quite a few changes, for example, the introduction of MOCAP dances, the almost total elimination of couples pose balls and the introduction of position change in dance shows. These are inventions and innovations that came from the people of SL and have made dancing so much more fun for us. Sometimes I think about the work that people did on dancing long before I arrived. In the properties of each animation is the name of the creator. Sometimes, I look up the names and I see birth dates of 2005, 2004, even 2003. Wow, these are people who worked on SL animations and dance equipment before I had any idea of SL.

So, I would like to see a history of SL dancing. Such aspects as animations, dance equipment, dance shows, dance groups are all part of it. Investigating the history, interviewing the people involved and making an interesting account of dance in SL is what is needed. I am willing to be involved, but I would much prefer that one or two DANCE QUEENS members who like this idea step forward and take on the work and pleasure of creating the History of SL Dance.