Dance Groups

This page lists dance performance groups in Second Life.

If you would like to add or update your group's information, please drop a notecard in the Dance Queens Info Center or contact R. Crap Mariner with:
  • The group's name
  • A description
  • The group's contact or contacts
  • A SLURL or landmark
  • Any social media links (A Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.)
  • A full-permissions texture of the group's logo
(Groups are listed in alphabetical order)

A&M Mocap Maniacs

A&M is a small close knit group that performs once a month on the second Saturday.

Ame Starostin


Boai Honglian Fan Dancers

Hello from the Boai Honglian Fan Dancers!

We present our vision of Firefly inspired, future projected, traditionally styled odori and ozashiki dance performances featuring a blend of music from traditional Asian folk, western classical and electronic/remix music.

Originating in our Firefly Companions Guild training role play, we are available to perform at your RP or OOC events. Ming Wu Theater is our home base, and we perform monthly there while Term is in session (9 times a year) as well as out in the community.

Please feel free to contact me directly for any questions regarding our performances or booking information. Forms may be returned to any of our Guild House mailboxes or directly to Varahi Lusch.

Brittany Buttons (bit0honey Resident)


Cabaret Provocateur

Just getting started, we're looking for adult venues in which to perform. 

Kerri Sanchez


Centre Stage

Centre Stage is an All Male Dance Company. We have our home venue, but we also guest regularly at other dance companies. We perform a vast array of themed performances and show styles but we are very much based on the "Broadway School Of Music".



Desire Arts Theatre & Gallery
Paramount Grand Theatre

Paramount Grand Theatre was founded in December of 2012. on the Hell Lust sim. Known as home to classy burlesque, comedy and other fine entertainment in an elegant yet casual atmosphere. Our shows are on Saturdays at 7pm slt. Come early to get a good seat and rezz properly. 

The Paramount is owned and operated by Pathmaker Campbell and Lotta Difference.
After the show, you are welcome to stay and talk with the dancers. Also check out the lobby for pictures of previous shows and advertising posters. An art gallery is outside of the theatre and also Paramount History in pictures building.

Paramount Grand Theatre is always busy between rehearsals and show times to deliver quality entertainment that is very similar to going to the Big Apple and taking in a Broadway show. The difference is, admission is free and the interaction between a global community of guests and staff is paramount.

Lotta Difference and Pathmaker

SLURL - Paramount
SLURL - Desire

Deviant Dance Society

Deviant Dance Society is a performance group for places that like more spicy and adult routines.

Ame and Zach Starostin



DreamCatchers is a Performing Arts club , featuring amazing dance performances. All members of the group love to perform.  Enjoy a night of dancing and great shows for your pleasure . 

We are new and always interested in new ideas to make your evening everything you had hoped for. We are performing every Saturday beginning on April 13th, 2019. Our doors open at 2PM SLT, performances start at 3pm SLT.

We look forward to making all your entertainment dreams come true!!


Elysium Cabaret

From BabyPea Von Phoenix:
"Diawa told me I should start my own dance troupe a long time ago.  I told her she was nuts, but I went ahead and did it anyway, because I was not completely happy with the limits being placed on me at the various troupes I was dancing for.  I wanted to start Elysium because I wanted a place where a person could do almost anything they wanted as far as dance creation goes.  Every place I danced at had so many rules, I wanted a place that afforded more creative freedom.  Also, I had other people willing to work with me on it.  My RL other half Gunner, Paul Woodrunner, and Jilley all started Elysium Cabaret with me.  We built it up together, and in time were blessed to get Wiz Nirvana as a Dance Manager.  We are a team, and our troupe is like family.  They are my Dear Ones.  We do not tend to micromanage our dancers.  We try to help them as requested, and encourage them in their creative exploration.  We consider our audience to be a huge part of our troupe, our Frams (family and friends).  Our shows would certainly not be the same without our audience!"
We are the party on Friday nights, Welcome to the Weekend!  We have been performing shows every Friday at 6pm SLT for more than five years, and during that time, added a "Best Of" matinèe show on the last Saturday of every month at 1pm SLT.  We also frequently do 'road' shows and special events.  This is how we have fun and socialize in a creative atmosphere.  We share our energy with one another.  Elysium is a shared journey and a team effort.  Many people have contributed to it, and continue to do so.

Jilley, BabyPea Von Phoenix, Gunner Von Phoenix, Paul Woodrunner



Europhia is a semi-mothballed group of dance performers.

Diawa Bellic


Gypsy Rose Burlesque

Welcome to the new Gypsy Rose Burlesque Theatre, a tribute to two icons of classic burlesque: the legendary Gypsy Rose Lee and the unsinkable Lady Correia in Second Life.

Come on up to the grand mansion in the gardens and see our wonderful acts, directed by Lina and hosted by the irresistible Diamonique Viper.

We're always looking for new acts and performers to come have fun with us.



Moonshadow Dancers

Welcome to the MoonShadow Dancers Theatre,  a glorious new Moroccan themed dance theatre that showcases some of the very best dancers & choreographers in Second Life. We are open every other Sunday at 4pm SLT. Come in and enjoy your Sunday with a show featuring elaborate sets, music & costumes while enjoying the sights and sounds of the Moroccan casbah. We can't wait to share our evening with you!

Queenie Acacia
JMB Balogh
DJ: Eva Harley


Muse Dance Co.

Muse Dance Co. is a 30-strong dance troupe which premiers first-rate dance productions. Theirdedication and commitment to excellence shows respect for the vision of its founder, Anu Papp as well as maintaining a level of professionalism as an inspiration to others.

Anu Papp-Scarmon (Anu Papp)


The Night Theater

A dance troupe that will bring you the magic possible only in SL. Where the magic flows free between Dusk and Dawn....and tales take form from pixels....weaving a neverending tapestry of twilight stories..... SL dance is my passion. And The Night Theater is my own Theater and where my creativity flows free.

We have been involved in various projects as RLF, The Dance Queens Dance Galaxy, The Scifi Con with Milkyway Cabaret 2015+2016, Fantasy Fairie 2015+2016 and 2017, SL B12+SL B13 and One Billion Rising. We have also guested LEA in the fall of 2015 and early spring 2016 where we held The Festival of the Wicked for Halloween 2015 among other things. We have been happy to be part of the Fallen Gods celebrations for Yule and the yearly anniversary the last couple of years too.



Oasis Dancers

The group was founded in Summer 2015 by Luella (Lilith Lindley). We started with belly dance and improved fast. Our shows include different dance styles and songs of all genres. We tell stories with our dances in the language dancers know the best: Bodylanguage!

The Team are 15 dancers at the moment - male and female, 6 of the dancers are our Choreographers. We share the knowledge among the dancers and we encourage everyone of the team to participate and try new ideas.

Since more than 2 years our Oasis Theatre is the center of our activities where we present our Shows and the Team meets once a week backstage. We perform at several other theatres too as we are known as a professionell and steady Team and brilliant entertainment.

Luella (Lilith Lindley)


Scarlet Stiletto Dance Company

We are a group of 10 dancers ... 9 women and one (very happy) guy. We perform as a whole group called Scarlet Stiletto Dance Company and also in other groupings as The Delectable Divas ( all female ) and Triple D ( one guy and two girls.) We have two theatres on our SSDC land and also enjoy sometimes appearing in other venues as guest performers. We perform our shows for fun and to entertain our audiences. All our shows are filmed beautifully by Corie, my co-owner, and our resident Cinematographer and we love to ensure that our audiences are also on film. There are links to them all on our FB pages

Phizz Puchkina

Facebook Group
Facebook Page

Sea Silhouette

Welcome to Sea Silhouette, the mer ballet troupe, a proud and beautiful group of dancers that represents mer dancers who reach the audience's hearts through the water currents as they dances:)

Since my first inspiration from Elleon Bergamasco who hosted her mer ballet, I took off with mine and grow into passion with beautiful flexi tails and the teamworks of dancers along with crews who are stage crew, photographer, filmmaker, and musician.

A troupe contains variety of dancers and crews which is never a same group at every show however their hearts for mer ballet is swaying together with us in memories to record in videos and photos and stories:)

Even though not all of my shows are in videos so IM me for photos if you wish to see:) Here is the list of video url below if you like to watch some.

if anyone would like to ask some questions about Sea Silhouette, IM me:)


Prissy Solvang (prissy206.hammand)


Please contact Klark Harvy directly if you are interested in joining for performance, or becoming part of our Performance Management Team, or if you would like to join the VIRTUOSO Follower group.

VIRTUOSO is an active performing group of people, who produce shows at their own small Theatre throughout the year. It is not exclusive, but if you do commit to a show with VIRTUOSO, we askthat  you prioritise your time and energy to that commitment.

We offer shows at all ability levels, and pride ourselves in effective communication and planning for a successful performance, If you arestarting out or an advanced choreographer, there is always a place for you with VIRTUOSO.

We work under a no prejudice charter, and  practice equality and diversity  within our Team ethos.

VIRTUOSO also performs as guests, when requested, at special events.

What makes us different?

VIRTUOSO is a complete team, directed by Klark Harvy, who has been involved in performance in  Second Life for many years. His belief in helping people to achieve their potential in Dance Performance, gives everyone motivation towards success. We have many people for references, please ask if you would like to contact  a team member for more information regarding how we do things in VIRTUOSO, and their personal opinion on the group is always a good start when deciding where to begin your Journey in Dance.


Klark is also the founder of  the JOURNEY ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS, where he teaches all aspects of Performance in a Virtual World. see attached ncd for  more details of the current term classes.
Please contact him directly if you would like to register for a class.

Klark Harvey

XA Dancers

XA Dancers are a community dance troupe as part of the Xaara BDSMsim. The troupe was created to offer members a way to participate and learn an art form. They have an art gallery on the sim and many SL artist have galleries. The troupe tries to use members for dances so all can participate. The requirement to be in XA Dancers is that you are an active member of the Xaara community. We have been able to use the Atlantis Grand Theater for our performances, Atlantis Grand Theater is located on the sim.

Gracie Lyonesse


Other Groups

There are many other dance performance groups in Second Life.

Atlantis Grand Theater

The Avilion Mer Ballet Company

Ballet Pixelle

The Chicks

Club Image

Show & Lounge Cossette

The D-Team Dance Ensemble
Daily Dose Dancers

Dance Xcetera



Elysium Cabaret


La  Troupe de Fantasya

Funky Feats Dance Group

Fusion Dance Crew

Guerilla Burlesque


Independent Ballet

Journey Virtuoso - Academy of Performing Arts - JAPA

Kiki's House of Burlesque

Kittens N Tigers
La Coquette Cabaret

La Femme Burlesque

La Performance

Lady Garden Cabaret & The Minxettes

La Oro's Unleashed Ladies and Gents


Middle Eastern Dancers

Minsky's Burlesque

The Misfits
The Night Theater
Noir Neverland

Opulence Burlesque

The Original  Chippendales Tribute of SL

Paramount Grand Theatre

Phoenix Dance Group
Pink Lady Dancers

Pitter Patter Dance Company

The Red Satin Slipper

Scarlet Stiletto

Serendipity Dancers

Spirit Light Productions

Starlite Dancers
Unity Productions
Velvet Vixens
VL Mega Productions