Dance Groups R-Z


Dance Troupes R-Z

This page lists dance performance groups R-Z in Second Life. If you would like to add or update your group's information, please contact Web Sass. (Groups are listed in alphabetical order) 



Red Roses Showgroup

Our german Dance-, Tribute-, and Showgroup exist since 2012. We present our shows at our own land, at events, festivals, opening-parties or other opportunities.

The Tribute-Shows of the german groups "Lindemann", "Faun" and "Schandmaul" or our Dj-Shows of "David Guetta" or "Van Buuren", are our most popular shows. The coverage of our music is manifold. Our wonderful and magical "Christmas-Show" is another special from our showgroup.
At the 6. of october, we celebrate the premiere of our newest show: "Let's glow - Retro Show".

We are 9 performers, which love to work together with a lot of fun, ideas and engagement.
We hope, that we see us soon at one of our shows.

Contact: Tatjana von Groa (herrintatjana)

Red Starlight Dancers

Red Starlight are formed from a core of dancers, from Performing Arts college and have several years experience in all aspects of dance and stage presentation. Expanded with friends, we seek to do what we enjoy which is creating, having fun with stage dance and exploring new challenges. Our style varies as we experiment. Our routines tend to be smaller scale 1-6 dancers and more focus on tightly choreographed dance with supportive effects. We don't seek fame, we seek fun and to share that with everyone :)

Riviera Pixel Movers

Riviera Pixel Movers were formed in spring 2021 and are based on Riviera Island. The dancers are a mixture of experienced dancers and some who are new to dancing and we are mainly European.

We are always looking for more dancers and would love to hear from anyone interested in dancing with us, experienced or new.

Contact: Venetia Cazalet 

Roissy val d'Oise 

Roissy Val d'Oise is a recreation of Pauline Reage's Story of O and brings back the worlds of Roissy and Samois.
Contact:  Sana Lisbeth
I have a dance show ROYAL GIRLS. We will be glad to cooperate. My dance group is already 4 years old, we have our own club where we often perform, do shows on various topics, we have a lot of beautiful costumes, we perform accompanied by singers. Link to our club:



Sarabande, successor to River Island Performing Arts (RIPA), offers a rich theatrical experience, with productions ranging from musicals to drama, dance and ballet. Come join the fun!

Contact Steve Ruhig

Scarlet Stiletto Dance Company

............... Scintillating, sparkling, saucy, sassy....soo not to be missed

Wow it's hard to believe we have been performing as Scarlet Stiletto Dance Company now for over four years -  it still seems just as fresh and exciting as it did when we first started.

This seems like a good time to say thank you to all our family, friends and fans for your loyal support... you are what it's all about.

We are a hard working  dance group with very high standards and a desire to entertain our audiences. That said we are doing it for fun ..ours as well as that of the audience ;)

We have produced such a wide variety of shows..usually themed - whatever we are performing you can be sure to see great sets, mouthwatering costumes and amazing dance routines.. You will always get a warm welcome.

You'll  also have a chance at fame too, because as part of our audience, you will also be filmed. We have filmed all shows from the beginning and our audiences are included. The movies are all on our Face Book page



Welcome to Sea Silhouette, the mer ballet troupe, a proud and beautiful group of dancers that represents mer dancers who reach the audience's hearts through the water currents as they dances:)

Since my first inspiration from Elleon Bergamasco who hosted her mer ballet, I took off with mine and grow into passion with beautiful flexi tails and the teamworks of dancers along with crews who are stage crew, photographer, filmmaker, and musician.

A troupe contains variety of dancers and crews which is never a same group at every show however their hearts for mer ballet is swaying together with us in memories to record in videos and photos and stories:) 


Show & Lounge cossette'

 ~Welcome to "Show & Lounge cossette'"

    As in its name, "Show & Lounge cossette'" is the place all about show,
    lounge and dance. From previous venue to current cossette', We've
    been seeking deeper and expressive show dance performances
    from 2008 to today.

   We are now carrying numbers of stage programs from the past and
   keep making new and better.

   Hope to see you all at our show!

   Once a month, mostly 3rd or 4th Monday for regular ShowTime.
   OPEN:22:30 JPT (6:30AM PDT) /CLOSE:24:00+ JPT (8:00+ AM PDT)
Contact: Kazusa Yoshikawa (Please send inquiry by notecard)

Soul Dancer`s Company

 * We love, what we do *
Our new show dance troupe blends passion, beauty and emotions to a very special dance experience !
Be enchanted and taken to our exciting world of music and motions.
 (Unsere neue Showtanz - Gruppe vereint Leidenschaft, Ästhetik und Emotionen zu einem besonderen Tanz Erlebnis! Lasst euch verzaubern und mitnehmen in unsere aufregende Welt aus Musik und Bewegung.)     
Contact:   Roeschen Short , Isabel Hermano 

Spirit of Dance

We are a new dance group called Spirit of Dance. There are five of us, one man and four women. Together we will entertain you with great dances and music and very nice decors.
Regulair shows once a month.

Spirit Light Dance Company

The Spirit Light Dance Company is a cooperative team of performers who together produces unique shows. We create programs that are intended to move emotions, touch hearts and make you laugh and smile.

Most Members of the company are not professional Real Life performers but individuals from all walks of life, who through this digital medium, have found an opportunity to share their artistic talents. They learn the technical skills required to make it happen as real as possible in Second Life. The result is a tangible energy is felt by our audiences.

Many have not had this opportunity in Real Life. Our members are here doing what they do because of their love of music, dance and theater.

I might also add here that.. we are one of the few companies in SL who perform live. Meaning that our work is activated in the moment while on stage in front of an audience in "real time" and not sequence to be played back.

We have become an active community, dedicated to producing quality entertainment and often pushing the boundaries of this virtual arena in unique and creative ways.  Many of our fans have been coming to see us perform from the very beginning and have witnessed the evolution of our presentations. We continue to explore new approaches and search for exciting new ways to surprise our audiences.

To reach this level of performance is not easy. Our members work every hard, investing long hours of dedication. In the process, they learn valuable skills in performance and presentation, aspects of which can often enhance their Real Lives.    

As Director of SLDC I am very proud and honored to share the stage with them.

Caryl Meredith,
Artistic Director 




We're a new troupe, a group of friends embarking on this new adventure.
Our location is still a work in progress.
Some of us are experienced dancers, We are seven girls and 3 are learning choreography

Contact: Laura18 Streeter



St Elizabeth's Academy

St. E's is SL’s oldest college for young ladies aged 18-24. Active classes! Great teachers! Fun activities! Seeking new students + caring & mature faculty, staff & school benefactors.

The dance troupe is not professional but composed of students that have a class once a week, and any from the world of dance that want to join in.

WE do classical ballet, Broadway show, cabaret and other just for fun routines.

We have a portfolio of 30+ dance routines and are always learning.

Contact: Olah Simoni

TEAM 888

Show dance performances are held irregularly.

Contact: Ask Fenrir (ask8fenrir)

TerpsiCorps ARTWerks

TerpsiCorps ARTWerks is a small, select, visionary troupe of artists dedicated to the constant improvement and refinement of the arts. The company was founded in 2015 to nurture and support creative artists on the grid with a founding board of directors that included CEO Cassie Parker, Artistic Director Chrissy Rhiano and rez Magazine publisher Jami Mills with Terpsichore (delight in dancing), one of the nine Muses and the goddess of dance and chorus, as its inspiration. TerpsiCorps encourages the expression of ideas and thoughts, bigger than words, that can only be shared through music and movement.

The company’s mission is threefold:

        •    To innovate and produce performance art at the very highest level possible.
        •    To nurture the development of artists and artistry in second life
        •    To build a community that supports and fully participates in the world of the arts.
The goal of TerpsiCorps ARTWerks is to exceed all expectations, to give audiences more than they expect (more than they have seen anywhere else), to create works that nobody else can do, and to be a destination sim for people with an interest in and a passion for the arts.

Contact: CEO Cassie Parker, Artistic Director Chrissy Rhiano

The Brat Pack

We are the Child Choir of SL
We sing Clasical, Pop and Rock Choir Songs
But not Classical in same form
We dance sing and are Storytellers in our Shows

The Delins Dance Troupe

The Delin Dance Troupe are a group of folks, who enjoy playing the challenging games created by Cyan, and their friends. We pay Tribute to Artists and Bands ranging from The Beatles  to Tina Turner. For enquiries about out tribute shows..Please contact
Contact: Lettie Lynagh

The Journey Academy of Performing Arts

The Journey Academy of Performing Arts has been established since 2015, a positive learning environment, in which classes on all aspects of Performing Arts in a Virtual World are delivered. Presentations - Courses - Classes - Workshops at all levels Novice to Advanced.  Personal Mentoring is also available on request.  
The 2021 Program is now happening!
Please contact for further details
Contact: Klark Harvy

The Monarchy

The Monarchy Strip Club & Brothel is an elite members only environment where perfection exists.  Featuring, upon occasion, live burlesque performances from production manager Damia Vella with open access.

Damia Vella 

The Outsiders Dance Troupe ( The Outsiders )

HONORING  Freedom and the American Way through powerful Dance , Music and it's Moods! Today and Everyday we Honor our vets, active duty and first responders
My heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place - police, firefighters, and members of our armed forces.
Today and Everyday we Honor our  Vets, active duty and first responders who risk their lives protecting our freedom.
The Outsiders Dance Troupe, formerly known as Fortunate Sons, originated in Feb of 2017. After two years on the road as a traveling troupe they and their famous Bob Hope Theater finally returned home to Copperhead Road permanently. The Theater itself was created in 2019 by Paul Woodrunner, as a dedication and tribute to the late Bob Hope who devoted his time, kindness, and goodwill to entertain troops around the world. Every year, The Outsiders perform numerous dance events dedicated to our veterans, first responders, and heroes, who risk their lives for our freedom.

        "We will not be Mourning the loss of Heroes but Celebrating that they lived." Contact:

Paul Woodrunner

The Romperdales

The Romperdales are a male dance group. Our performances are a mix of sexy and classy. We are not just strippers, but performers who can do PG shows as well if requested.

Our regular shows consist of 4 sets each around 10 minutes, so a show sums up to about 60 minutes including changing time. For each show there will be at least five dancers on stage, usually six. We bring our own DJ/MC who makes sure the audience gets involved and is entertained even between the sets.

Special performances, like e.g. lap dances are available on request. 


The Kinetics

"The Kinetics" was born during a brain storming session by four like-minded dance enthusiasts, during the relentless and never ending pandemic.  

As a co-op team focused on fun and flexibility, The Kinetics' goal is to connect all dance enthusiasts, both new and seasoned, to create, encourage and enjoy together.

All events will showcase dancers with all levels of skill and enthusiasm.  Events are every other month beginning in January.  Go to the gorgeous Art Deco-esque venue for more information and details.  

CONTACT: O Wonder at

The Sway and Dance Troupe

Our most exciting show to date, with a stage designed by Regi Yifu!  Janjii is a well-known dancer in Second Life and has danced at many venues over the years.  She helps bring virtual dancing into the realm of the artistic.

Contact: Joseph Nussbaum (edward.nussbaum)
I'm the Director of the Sway and Dance troupe in Second Life. Our troupe performs surrealistic dance routines .

The Theater on the Nile

The Theater on the Nile is one of SL's most beautiful Theaters for the Performing Arts. Situated in the Luxor Villa on The Antonius Ancestral Domus Sim (The home of the Antonius Family of Rome), the theater has a distinctive Egyptian ambiance and spectacular design and textures that will transport you to Ancient Egypt.

The theater has hosted many dance productions and performing art stage presentations and is available to host your stunning artistic creations. If you have any questions or wish to book the theater for your event please contact us.
Contact:  Zarek Antonius (zarek.adder) and/or Wyatt (wyattoy) 



VIRTUOSO is an active performing group of people, who produce shows at their own unique Theatre throughout the year.

It is not exclusive, but if you do commit to a show with VIRTUOSO, we ask that  you prioritize your time and energy to that commitment for the duration of the show Preparation, Practices and Performances.

We offer shows at all ability levels, and pride ourselves in effective Management, Direction, Communication and Planning, for a successful performance, so if you are starting out, or an Advanced Choreographer, or Support Dancer, there is always a place for you within VIRTUOSO.

We work under a no prejudice charter, and practice Equality and Diversity  within our Team Ethos.

VIRTUOSO also perform as guests at special events, and have an Annual Touring Show.

What makes us different?

VIRTUOSO is a complete team, directed and guided by Klark Harvy, who has been involved in performance in  Second Life for many years. His belief in helping people to achieve their potential in Dance Performance, gives everyone motivation towards success.

We have many people for references, please contact a team member for more information regarding how we do things in VIRTUOSO, as their personal reference of the group, and how it is managed, is always a good start when deciding where to begin your Journey in Dance.


Contact: Klark Harvy

XA Dancers

The X-A Dancers are dancers, choreographers and designers from the Xaara Community. We perform monthly shows at the Sancutary of Performing Arts at Xaara.

Shows by the X-A Dancers reflect a variety of creative talent in Second Life. Originality, sensuality, intelligence and humor are showcased in every show. We are not your typical burlesque troupe. We are members of a special artistic community with both vanilla and D/s influences.

Visit Xaara Community to find the best sensual art, literature, poetry, photography and dance in Second Life.

Contact: nene Chrome, kelyren benior, or Laz (haydenpryce)