Dance Troupes A-E


Dance Troupes A-E

Dance Troupes A-E

This page lists dance Performance groups A-E in Second Life. If you would like to add or update your group's information, please contact Web Sass. (Groups are listed in alphabetical order) 


A&M Mocap Maniacs

A&M is a small close knit group that performs once a month on the second Saturday.
CONTACT: Ame Thomas    


Amazon Dancers

Amazon Dancers had an idea, why not show the world the culture of Brazil.
From the creation of the Group Amazon Rainforest, as ecology group, there was a thought ...
Why not expand our group, showing our culture through dance and music? Let's celebrate 4 years of the group, in April 2018.

Contact: bomxxx Avedon, Neiva, Mcpol, marla and Allen



Art In Motion

ART IN MOTION is a young and fresh dance troupe brimming with talent and energy.
We offer high quality dance shows for young and old and AIM for diversity and going the extra mile.

You can find us dancing at our own venue or on pop-up stages around the grid. 

SLURL: Porter's House of Fine Arts and Entertainment



Art In Motion Young Artists

Next to our diverse Art in Motion Dance Company we created a place for upcoming talents in our kids and youth group, our [AIM]*YOUNG ARTISTS.

Are you a kid that would love to come chill and dance with us? We offer a wide variety of dances in our shows, from hip hop to ballet and everything in between and beyond. Experience of course not needed, we will teach you all the ins and outs and make you into an *All~Star* in no time!

SLURL: Porter's House of Fine Arts and Entertainment



The Art Factory

The Art Factory is an innovative and constantly growing theater in second life! We not only perform to popular music but we also perform full scale broadway shows!



Audace ShowStyle Theater

Audace is a fun group and the home of Fashion Models where we have the Audace School of Modeling, both basic and advanced. Graduates are given certified diplomas. With these certified diplomas models are eligible to cast and model anywhere on the grid. We are a very active group with modeling and dance events.

Each month we have several modeling shows and we do our Audace ShowStyle Dance Show once a month.

Our dance FINALE is always a CROWD dance with audience participation.
Contact: Sagia


Austin Theater Group

The Austin Theater Group is held on the Austin Sim. Cafe-O- For training and amusement. Male Dom. "Educated Girls and Masters with class"  Meet like-minded people in a stylish sim. Explore mutual BDSM fantasies from The Story of O and Roissy.  The theater group is made up of members of the Austin Family that are involved in the path's that are to be taken when one joins the Austin Sim.  We will be preforming once a month at our very own Theater.  We hope You come and see what our family has made for the public to enjoy.
Contact: Azdra

 The Bazi Dancers

The Bazi Dancers are a pure Male Dance Group. Their Special is a Mix of Dance and Art. The Show is always on its way high Erotic. Because they do the complete Opposide as to " Cover " some Male part. This way they show the whole Body, as it is. (Not to be mixed like shows aka Chippendales.. Bazi is NOT a Strip Group)

Contact: martin Terr



Ballet Pixelle

In Ballet Pixelle's constant quest to blend and explore physical and virtual dance, several surprises await you! Our goal is exploring the interaction and intersection of physical and virtual dance & movement and blended realities with*out* artificial synchronization (like HUDs)! 


Black Heart Theater

Deep mixed immersive storyline with original particles, meshed builds, choreographed audience participation dances - weaving a dark tapestry for your imagination to get lost in. We're going to get lost together in a personal story told by Fifi, shared by all of us. 

Contact: Fifi Oh


Blue Angel Burlesque Club 

Home of the Blue Angel Burlesque Club and the Blue Angel Dance Troupe where we have monthly dance shows.

Why not drop in and treat yourself or just visit the club for a boogey and it's beautiful romantic garden with a winding woodland path leading to an open air dance floor at The Courtyard - where guest musicians and singers regularly perform.

 Blue Moon Comedy & Cabaret Theatre

-----“Moons is like that little gap between your cooker and the kitchen cabinets. It's often quiet but occasionally weird things scuttle out” – Prue Memo-----

We have Cabarets, Monsters Balls, Stand Up comedy, Quiz Nights, Rum Runner Rampages, owls, huge fruit, daleks!  And the most eclectic DJs in the whole of Second Life.

Everyone’s welcome – newbies, oldbies, humans, non-humans, gendered, non-gendered, whoever, whatever. Nothing fancy, the rum flows free and every stain tells a story.  

-----“The owls are not what they seem…” – Cara Massimina-----

Past Shows include:
The Cat Show     The Craic of Doom Show     The Dark Cabaret     The Judgement Day Show     The Legs Show     The Mustelid Show     The Robot Show     The Steam Show      The Sugar Show

-----“We’re a bunch of weirdos, but we’re fun weirdos (as long as you like that sort of thing)” – Sath Gandt-----

Upcoming Shows and Events include:
Another Cat Show     The Alien Show     Bawd of the Rings     The Doctor Who Quiz Night     The Cow and Capybara Show     Hogswatch Party     

-----“It’s a barely-upright Health & Safety violation with a stage, in a total backwater in SL, but somehow the place just won’t die!” – Beth Quander-----

If you’ve ever want to do some weird performance in SL, and it just doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ anywhere – then come to Moons!

We welcome:
writers, performers, tech folk, builders etc
individuals, duos, threesomes, troupes,
first-time performers who want a warm, friendly and supportive bunch around them,
people who want to 'see if they might like it' (getting on a stage, we mean - if you don't have an act, no worries, we can find you a part),
people who want to do comedy, dance, burlesque, MCing, hosting, stage management, set building - pretty much anything really!
But no more DJs!  We really have enough DJs.  The place is lousy with them...

-----“I stepped in something sticky in 2009 and I haven’t been able to leave since” Autumn Teardrop-----

Contact: Beth Quander

Breezes Dancers

A group of dancers that perform Ballet and other types of dance shows. Watch the youtube of the ballet
Contact Venetia Cazalet or Mcpol Kamachi if you would like to be a dancer with us or if you would like to hire us for your venue or a special event.

Cabaret Provocateur

Cabaret Provocateur - SL's "stimulating" burlesque entertainment.

Established in January of 2018 Cabaret Provocateur. While we can't characterize a “typical” Provocateur show the key word is fun. Whether the song tells a story or sets a mood, our dancers put the fun in sultry (it's there, believe me, just squint, and turn the card sideways).

The group features dancers Brooke Fiftyone, Loni Greenwood, Sami Chauveau, Anneke Sanchez, Chagen Sanchez and features the choreography of Kerri Sanchez, Past shows have included: Fab 4 You, a burlesque look at  the music of the Beatles; Rhapsody in Deco, a salute to the Jazz Age and the Art Deco movement; Naked, the simple are of taking clothes off to dance, and our current show "V♀︎ices" featuring music by the grand women of song.

In addition to our home venue on Smuggler Cove, Cabaret Provocateur has been privileged to tour around the grid performing for audiences Bound Elegance, Swingaway, Desire Arts, Surrender Cove, The House of the Rising Sun, The CMNF / CFNF Lounge,  and the old Jefferson Opera House.
We bring an entertainment event to your venue: just tell us where to set up, and give us to access the audio stream. We can even bring the stage and the seating if you need. It’s a turnkey event, tailored to your needs.

It doesn’t cost you anything. We play for tips, and we encourage the audience to tip the venue as well.

All we ask is that you promote the event in your group. We’ll be promoting the event in our groups, and hope to bring new people to discover your sim, but at the same time we want to introduce ourselves to your members.

If you would like to host a show at your venue, please 

CandleWyck Playhouse

Hello Dance Community!!

Announcing the Village of CandleWyck, soon to be open for your autumn and winter enjoyment.  Come visit us and find your NEW favorite spot to cuddle, share a private dance or take pictures.  

The Village of Candlewyck is a quaint township recently incorporated from 3 smaller hamlets.  Featuring the historic CandleWyck Playhouse, Clocktower Park, a bandstand, and merchant’s alley (all still a work in progress!)

The Candlewyck Playhouse will be featuring several Holiday themed dance shows for Halloween, Autumn Festival and a Winter Carnival.  We are currently starting the search for Choreographers and Dancers to bring their amazing Holiday Themed sets and crews to fill the roster for each show.  We are also planning some fun DJ parties, photo contests and live performers...all in the hopes that you will come and spend some time with us at in CandleWyck Village.



The place where you can enjoy talking and watching dance shows!
Come and see our fabulous dancers put their dance show on the stage♬

Our regular show scheduled on SUNDAY!

★SHOWTIME★Summer time
The doors open @6:30AM and curtains go up at 7AM PDT!  
Grab your morning coffee and enjoy the show!

**Attention **
We have different time schedule for Summer time(daylight saving time) and regular time
●Daylight saving time: from 2nd Sunday of March- first Sunday of November) It will be open @6:30AM and curtains go up at 7AM PDT!  
●Regular time (first Sunday of November to the second Sunday of March) It will  be open @5:30am  and curtains go up at 6:00 am PDT

Grab your morning coffee and enjoy the show!
Check out more info on our blog


Crystal Edge Dancers

Crystal Edge Dancers  have been hosting their events for nearly 14 years and hope that you can continue to follow us and be part of the Crystal Edge Dance Team.

We have fun filled shows every second Friday at our Home Theatre and once a month at Furbs who have kindly sponsored Crystal Edge Dancers.

Here at CRYSTAL EDGE we aspire to touch each and every one of you in our performance productions.
Dance Shows are performed mostly at home twice a month on a Friday @1.30 pm SLT.
Crystal Edge Dancers  do take bookings for other venues
Contact: Dids Amor, Bubs


Dance Xcetera

We are a small dance team (20 member cap) founded by Wild Catnap in May of 2014 and is currently under the leadership of Dejaye Barracuda.  We perform at our home theater one weekend per month as well as travel to different locations throughout Second Life to spread the news about the beauty of dance in SL.  Our team goal is to give a performance that not only you will enjoy, but you'll want to come back for more.  For more information about our team or if you are interested in joining us, let us know!



DC's Inspiration Dancers

DCI is looking for fun & exciting people. Are you new to the dance world & wanting be part of the dance scene?  My group will be compilation of individuals that enjoy performing & want to entertain with dance. Communicating your emotions through movement, melody, & captivation.   I want to start a dance family committed to Inspiring themselves & each other with Dance. This dance group isn’t here to take another groups place it’s here to honor those talented groups & share creativity and compassion. 
Contact: Deyna



Debauche is a newer dance group in Second Life whose aim is to dance, to enjoy it, to dance some more.

All members of the group love to dance and love to perform. They have all come together to dance together for your enjoyment.

The idea is to put on exciting, beautiful and sexy stage shows to be enjoyed by all.

We have our own venue, a lovely, intimate little theater but we are always happy  to come to your sim to perform.New audiences,new places. Love it!

If you want to book Debauche to perform at your venue, Contact below.

Contact: Laura or Severina

Desire Arts Theatre & Gallery
Paramount Grand Theatre

Paramount Grand Theatre was founded in December of 2012. on the Hell Lust sim. Known as home to classy burlesque, comedy and other fine entertainment in an elegant yet casual atmosphere. Our shows are on Saturdays at 7pm slt. Come early to get a good seat and rezz properly. 

The Paramount is owned and operated by Pathmaker Campbell and Lotta Difference.
After the show, you are welcome to stay and talk with the dancers. Also check out the lobby for pictures of previous shows and advertising posters. An art gallery is outside of the theatre and also Paramount History in pictures building.

Paramount Grand Theatre is always busy between rehearsals and show times to deliver quality entertainment that is very similar to going to the Big Apple and taking in a Broadway show. The difference is, admission is free and the interaction between a global community of guests and staff is paramount.


Dream Catcher Dance Studio

Dream Catcher Dance Studio is a dance and choreography studio based in the virtual world of Second Life. We are dedicated to putting on the greatest performances you will ever see in SL. Our dancers and staff work around the clock to ensure you have the best experience possible!

Contacts: Maiya, Aristona

Deviant Dance Society

Deviant Dance Society is a performance group for places that like more spicy and adult routines.

Contact: Zach Cheveyo


Dollhouse Dance Company

Company Info: DOLLHOUSE is an explosive, hard-hitting dance company that brings live shows and events to SL. Our dancers come from all across the SL grid and bring versatility, confidence, and ATTITUDE to the stage. We take our craft very seriously and love to explore different genres. However, DOLLHOUSE is known for its signature modern, fierce (and don't forget SEXY) dance style. 

Contacts: CassieMadoxx, ღиσναღ (fullofvibes)




E-Girls are a dance company formed and run by a number of students at St Elizabeth University.  They were inspired by working on some university productions under the guidance of their dance and theatre teachers and by watching performances by other SL dance companies.


E-Girls prides itself on choreographing thought-provoking, emotional dances and enjoys the wonderful support of St Elizabeth University which will always be its home.


Elysium Cabaret

From BabyPea Von Phoenix:
"Diawa told me I should start my own dance troupe a long time ago.  I told her she was nuts, but I went ahead and did it anyway, because I was not completely happy with the limits being placed on me at the various troupes I was dancing for.  I wanted to start Elysium because I wanted a place where a person could do almost anything they wanted as far as dance creation goes.  Every place I danced at had so many rules, I wanted a place that afforded more creative freedom.  Also, I had other people willing to work with me on it.  My RL other half Gunner, Paul Woodrunner, and Jilley all started Elysium Cabaret with me.  We built it up together, and in time were blessed to get Wiz Nirvana as a Dance Manager.  We are a team, and our troupe is like family.  They are my Dear Ones.  We do not tend to micromanage our dancers.  We try to help them as requested, and encourage them in their creative exploration.  We consider our audience to be a huge part of our troupe, our Frams (family and friends).  Our shows would certainly not be the same without our audience!"

We are the party on Friday nights, Welcome to the Weekend!  We have been performing shows every Friday at 6pm SLT for more than five years, and during that time, added a "Best Of" matinèe show on the last Saturday of every month at 1pm SLT.  We also frequently do 'road' shows and special events.  This is how we have fun and socialize in a creative atmosphere.  We share our energy with one another.  Elysium is a shared journey and a team effort.  Many people have contributed to it, and continue to do so.

Contact: BabyPea Von Phoenix, Gunner Von Phoenix, Paul Woodrunner




A culmination of creativity!  Euphoria always presents a show you will never forget.  Starring Dance Queens "Dancer of the Year 2012" Diawa Bellic and featuring a star-studded lineup of some of SL's most successful dancers, eye-popping sets and costumes, and complex dance sequences utilizing the latest technology, Euphoria reaches beyond the pinnacle of Second Life dance.  Euphoria... blurring the line between fantasy and reality!  Let us show you the future of dance!
Contact: Diawa Bellic