Thursday, June 9, 2022



Saturday 11th June at 1pm SLT Debauche at Surfers Bay

Put on your swimwear and come and enjoy Debauche as we dance at the gorgeous Surfers Bay

Dancing under the twilight twinkling stars once again.  Really is a magical sight. So come and enjoy a truly magnificent  show and after party with a host Deejay

Stars, moon, sand, sea and Debauche

Saturday 11th Junel at 1pm SLT Debauche at Surfers Bay


Sunday 12th June at 1pm slt Debauche visit Tuscany

Please come and join Debauche as we visit one of our favourite venues. Tuscany is the location and we are so looking forward to dancing here

We will dance firm favourites and 2 new routines which are truly amazing, from the loving romantic to pure dancing and then the adventurous routines

Sexy, Little bit naughty but always classy, that's Debauche 
Sunday 12th Junel at 1pm slt Debauche visit the Tuscany