Friday, June 3, 2022

Dance Queens Showcase June 2022

Dance Queens is proud to present our Multi-troupe Showcase Performance which includes 9 troupes, 9 choreographers from all over the grid. This show has a variety of skill level, creativity and talent. Every act is brand new and not seen before. Join us for this variety show to be entertained.

JUNE 4th 2022 @ 12 noon

This show features acts by the following choreographers/troupes:

  • Melvis - Elysium Cabaret
  • Sage - Austin In Motion
  • Luella - Oasis Dancers
  • Taema - Mynx Dance
  • Azdra - Ravenswood
  • Jersey - Soul Dancers
  • Tami - Just Dance!
  • Franzi - Allegro
  • SoCo - Phoenix Dance Team

Feel free to come in any dress but please keep scripts as low as possible to allow the performers to give you a better performance. 
Arrive a bit early as show fills and any time to settle the sim is appreciated. Come out and support the performers. Thank you!