Sunday, January 23, 2022

Minsky's Burlesque is making a come back to SL!


Minsky's Burlesque is making a come back to SL!

The theater is now ready, and our Marketing Team is out and about pounding the pavement.. mainly looking for people interested in becoming dancers, but they have already found someone looking for a Bachelor party.. but we haven't gathered our staff line up yet!  O.o

So, I am reaching out now.. looking for experienced entertainers for this special gig, especially true Burlesque and Vaudeville acts, and we will put together a group act to showcase all involved, to kick off the show, but the rest.. is up to those who accept this unique challenge!

The Show is planned for  MONDAY  JAN 31, 2022   5pm SLT

If you have some older sets that you can bring out and dust off, that might be just what we're looking for! Our stage is large enough to accommodate most stage sets (15D x 33W) plus we offer a nice sized runway to bring you out into the crowd. These people have never seen a Dance Queens related show, so even older acts will be 'all new' to them!

What's in it for you? 100% of Tips, as always, for Choreographers. The rest, we split, including the Booking Fee.

What are we looking for?  Vintage style Burlesque acts, Vaudeville acts, Entertainers of all sorts, actually.  Still interested? Great!

For a stage template, and a brief application, specific to this gig you can contact Webby at Dance Queens or

~Clint 'Casanova' Quandry

Stage Manager
Minsky's Burlesque