Wednesday, November 17, 2021

"The Last Mermaid" at MetaHarpers Immersive Community Theater

This Saturday, the 20th of November, at 12PM SLT, 

The MetaHarpers Interactive Community Theater

will host The Beach Shack Theater Company.

as they reprise their musical drama, "The Last Mermaid,"

an environmentalist siren's song.

Do mermaids really exist?  

And if they did, what message would they have

for the other denizens of a planet that is mostly water?

** Accept the experience when you land **

🐠 🐟 🐡 🐬 🐙 🐳 ⚓ 🐋 

"The Beach Shack Theater Company, founded in March of 2016,

endeavours to create original theater that goes in a different direction with each project.  

We feel that keeps our work fresh and interesting, for us, and for you.

We are ever grateful to those who have helped us on our projects,

and even more to the awesome avi's who have popped

into our theater to see one of our shows."

~ Ayrne Greymoon and Kareen Magic


To learn more about the Beach Shack Theater Company,

please visit their home site at