Monday, November 1, 2021

**November Raffle**


Our November 2021 Raffle is sponsored by Just Dance!!  

We are a new troupe who just want to dance, having fun and sharing our vision with all to enjoy.

Just Dance is co~owned by Ele and Tami and we have just moved into our very own theatre.

We have a theatre cafe, shouldn't everyone?? We welcome all to hang out, enjoy a chat or dance in this peaceful setting.

We welcome all to join us for our regular monthly shows and hope to enhance our dance with special themed shows.

For the Month of November,  Just Dance!! has provided (3) gift cards for 1000L each, one to Mina Hair, one to Two Moon Gardens and one to irrISIStible!  As always, each entry is 50L with unlimited entries!

Thank you so much to Just Dance!! for sponsoring this months raffle!