Monday, October 11, 2021

New Q&A Class About a New Tool!

 Artiste proudly presents a new suite of tools called StoryTeller.

An exciting must-see new dance tool is about to be released.  Imagine one tool that can:
1. Animate mesh
2. Fade in/fade out
3. Glow one or all
4. Move objects
5. Rotate objects
6. Add and remove costume pieces
7. Shrink and enlarge objects
8. Multiple actions available upon collisions
9. Trigger other chat-commands like particles
10. Has its own independent timeline
11. Propel objects
12. Rez with motion
13. Change object status
14. Many commands operate on single links as well

And more!!  All the stage tricks in the book from ONE tool that is extremely affordable!  No more hunting for scripts, no more editing scripts, no more asking friends... this tool does all the tricks in the book plus ones that aren't in the book.  You must see it to appreciate all it can do.

Come to the Q&A to find out more!  Bring your curiosity, your excitement, and your questions!  There will be a demonstration as you are all invited behind the curtain and find out how this amazing new tool works, and what all it can do.

Two Q&A sessions are being offered:
Saturday, October 16th at 3pm SLT
Saturday, October 23rd at 3pm SLT

Come to one, the other or both!

Location: Dance Queens Classroom

Contact: Lat Lovenkraft
BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl