Monday, October 25, 2021

Bazi Dancers


31.10. ( Oktober- halloween ) - 1pm SLT

Bazi Dancers
 Bazi Dancers Fantasy tour with small Halloween adding.
Bazi Dancers are not Like Chippendales or such ( no Stripping! ) . The show is done and meant to Show Art in way of Dancing. To take the whole Human Body, simple as it is.

Special instructions/dress code if one:
Bazi Dancers are a pure Male Group.
The Show Includes full Male Nudity!
Sim Area is ADULT!
Audience does not need to wear anything special. Only please Dressed.

IMPORTANT!! Please Remember, that Europe has Exactly the night before Time Change ( From Summer to Winter Time ) . This means, for mainly CET People, that the show Start whill be different against used RL Time.