Friday, October 22, 2021



Saturday 23rd October, 12.30 pn SLT, The Erin GoBraghless Theater

Last Week  Debauche handed over to the audience to choose what we would dance for them. This was part of our 5th birthday celebrations and the show was amazing for all.

This week, its the Dancer's Choice. Every Debauche dancer was asked to choose their favourite routine from the past five years and we a so happy and proud to present their choices this Saturday.

The Best of Debauche - By Debauche!!

The show will run slightly longer than usual so we are starting a little earlier at 12.30pm slt.

Come join us x

Saturday 23rd October, 12.30pm slt, The Erin GoBraghless Theater

Sunday 24th October 12.30pm slt Debauche first 5 years your Choice

Debauche are so happy and proud to invite you our wonderful and so loyal members of The audience to come and dance your favourite routines from the past five years

So many to choose from but please go to
to maybe refresh your memory, still not sure then maybe visit to look at one of many hundreds of videos

This is Debauche's way of saying thank you for your support over the past five years.
 Please no Christmas requests, They come later in the year
 24th Ocober at 12.30pm slt, Audience Participation