Thursday, August 12, 2021

Oasis Dancers


August, 14th - 1 pm SLT (22:00 MEZ)

Oasis Dancers

Special instructions/dress code if one: On Saturday the Oasis Dancers perform their show at Serena Teehra, a gorean Sim located in the desert. This event is maked as "Out of character" and will be held on a sky platform above the village. Everyone is welcome - Goreans and Non-Goreans. There is no dress code - just come as you are. We will present  a stunning show  with some new routines as well and we perform at our new Summer-Stage. Visitors are invited to explore the village after the show.

After you arrived at the landing point take the teleport to the event from there.
We hope to see many of our Fans and Friends and many new faces too this Saturday. We look forward to welcome all of you at Teehra.

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