Sunday, August 22, 2021

Mad About Dance



In this show Janjii invites everyone to immerse themselves in a journey led by music by brazilian composer and percussionist Nana Vasconcelos.
Its drumbeats and other percussion instruments, its tribal, shamanic rhythms touch our hearts and broaden our perception. They connect us with the forces of nature in a shamanic experience, an instinctive dance that merges with the music.

Dance of a body that reverberates, amplifies, and transforms itself into an instrument that percussions the ground in leaps, tap dancing, awakens life, invigorates the spirit.
Soul, body, spirit is one, at that moment the feeling of totality of transcendence can happen.

After Show dance < Janjii will play brazilian Music for all who want dance 

Set Design and Costums : Janjii Rugani
Choreographer /Dancer: Janjii Rugani
Guest dancers : Novs and Joseph Nussbaum from Sway and Dance Troupe 
Sound Tech : Golfi

Kondor Art Center
Hermes Kondor 

26th august 2021
2PM slt