Monday, August 2, 2021

*NEW* Raffle for August 2021

 Our new raffle prize is from Dance Queens itself from Sync'D Motion Animations. Here is the store info:

Sync'D Motion is a professional motion capture studio, appealing to virtual worlds. However, our current major focus is within Second Life - an immersive virtual world for all! 

Sync'D Motion started out in the bedroom of one of it's founders' previous areas of residence, but at the time, under a different name. Although very mediocre in the art of creating quality animations - with a studio cost of about 600 dollars at the time, containing undeveloped equipment - creating nice, realistic animations has always, and never stopped being a passion.
Fast forward 4+ years later, Sync'D Motion was born, and here to stay; delivering nice, high quality animations for people of all ages, genders and races within the metaverse!

The 2 gift cards for 2000L each and are transferable. All proceeds go to helping with Dance Queens tier and so greatly appreciated. The cost of an entry is just 50L, unlimited entries and a great deal for a chance to win and show your continued support of Dance Queens.

Here is your ride to the raffle board!