Thursday, July 1, 2021

*NEW* July Raffle

We have a new raffle, sponsored this month by Nouvelles Follies!

Prize is a 5000L gift card to Apple Fall! 50l unlimited entries. So good luck and enter HERE!


A little about Nouvelles Follies:

The Nouvelles Folies was created in August of 2019 by Shadow Tarber and Aelva.

Our team of seasoned second life dancers create themed variety shows on regular basis. We have performed around the grid for a few years visiting Fantasy Faire and making themed shows for the Enchantment events every quart of the year. Starting this year, we have moved in with The Night Theater and will move on to a monthly themed show of our own picking, new adventures await!

Want a fun, well choreographed and magical show? Looking for that little extra wink, sparkle, twist of the plot? Then come and catch our next show.

The place to be if you want to keep up with the Nouvelles Folies.




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