Thursday, July 22, 2021



Saturday 24th July at 10am slt. Velvet Touch. Women Only

"Velvet Touch is incredibly excited to bring to you the spectacular and renowned Debauche Dance Troupe." Velvet's words

Debauche are so pleased to be dancing at this female only venue.  Slip your swim wear and bathing suits on as these shows will now be beach party themes

So come on ladies lets have a rip roaring time at a ladies only show. Debauche will  dance mega firm favourites to wonderful tunes

Saturday 24th July, 10am slt @ Velvet Touch

Saturday 24th July at 1pm slt Debauche visit the Trophy Room

Please come and join Debauche as we visit one of our favourite venues. The Trophy Room is the location and we are so looking forward to dancing here

 New routine will be unveiled as well as other firm favourites which are truly amazing, from the loving romantic to pure dancing and then the adventurous routines

Sexy, Little bit naughty but always extremely Classy, that's Debauche

 After party also, please come formal wear but low scripts as possible
 Saturday 24th July at 1pm slt Debauche visit the Trophy Room

Sunday 25th July @ 1 pm slt Debauche goes Christmas in July 

Christmas is once again upon us, ooh gosh it doesn't seem like 7 months ago since we last danced these..Huh wait!!  Now WHAT is  going on here? Christmas in July for goodness sakes.

 Whoever heard of such a crazy and silly idea??

 Well uh  mmmm its true and it is so crazy, so damn silly that it works. Be our 4th year doing this. Please come in beachwear or Silly Xmas seasonal wear
  It'll be FUN !!!!
  Debauche Dance Christmas in July  Sunday 25th July @ 1 pm

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