Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Blue Moon Cabaret Theatre Presents Aliens Among Us!

SLT Saturday 10th July
Door opens at 2.30pm for 3pm start

Blue Moon Cabaret Theatre

Aliens Among Us?  Yes!  New cabaret show at the Blue Moon Cabaret Theatre

Grab a helmet, strap yourself in and get ready for blast off. There’s music, comedy and dancing at The Blue Moon Cabaret Theatre this weekend that’s simply out of this world! Will Sath and Tabby relaunch their stellar careers? Why are Kylee and Cara getting starry-eyed over some extra-terrestrials? Can Prue scrape the klingons off the starboard bow? And will MC Beth hold the show’s trajectory through this alien stage invasion? Get yourself into Moon’s orbit. Will there be anal probing – who knows. 

Will it be astronomical fun - guaranteed! 


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