Thursday, April 22, 2021



Saturday 24th April at 10am slt. Velvet Touch. Women Only

"Velvet Touch is incredibly excited to bring to you the spectacular and renowned Debauche Dance Troupe." Velvet's words

Debauche are so pleased to be dancing at this female only venue. Yes you heard right, sorry guys but Debauche are dancing at this female only venue by special request

So come on ladies lets have a rip roaring time at a ladies only show. Debauche will  dance mega firm favourites to wonderful tunes

Saturday 24th April, 10am slt @ Velvet Touch Women Only

Saturday 24th April at 1pm slt, Debauche head to the Trophy Room

Debauche happily return to one of their favourite venues this week, The Trophy Room. A wonderful place to relax, to be intrigued, to be a tease...and who doesn't like to tease?

So come join us this Saturday in a marvellous theatre full of marvellous people for some good old fashioned teasing Debauche magic. New Routines as well and a after party also

Do not want to MISS this

Dress is formal, leave scripts at home. Enjoy 

Saturday24th April at 1pm slt , The Trophy Room

Sunday 25th April @ 1pm slt, Pink Floyd Revamped and Turbo Charged

Think you have seen everything in Second Life? If so think again!!

 Debauche are so pleased to dedicate a show to one of the very best Rock groups the world has ever known

 Including the well acclaimed whole Echoes routines, mixed in with firm favourite classics to the music of Pink Floyd

  No Pink Floyd fan will want to miss or indeed, no true dance fan.  New added never seen routines as well as true clssics from this great Rock band

 Pink Floyd Revamped Sunday 25th April, 1pm slt, Please be aware show may run little longer than normal

Join us for the show!