Monday, April 19, 2021

Black Heart Theater


Our performance is dedicated to Relay For Life!

Black Heart Theater THREE: Forgotten Sanity, a Cautionary Tale.

Deep mixed immersive storyline with original particles, meshed builds, choreographed audience participation dances - weaving a dark tapestry for your imagination to get lost in. We're going to get immersed together in a personal story told by global charting artist Fifi Oh, hosted by Beebs and Shesa, shared by all of us.

♥ Black Heart Theater ♥ at Fantasy Faire: April 2021
23rd Friday 8pm
26th Monday 8pm
28th Wednesday 8pm
30th Friday 9pm

Performed by
Ƒїƒї BlαcƙHєαrt σђღ (siouxsieincognita), вєєвs cαrfiєld (bb.schmooz), & Shesa Quandry

Special Guest Performers:
Calliope Mitchell (callijynx)
Ɗĭẓẓẏ Ҡĭẏоrĭ (dizzy.kiyori)
ĊhåřÎīžë (charli72)
Toph Baily
- ̗̀ Teddy Bear ̖́- (teddysnugglebear.littlepaws)
Exhi (exhibitionista.nirvana)
fire Werefox

Come early - the region will be limited to 50 guests!