Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Spirit Light Dance Company Presents A December to Remember

 December 6th & 13th
Spirit Light Dance Company Presents  
A December to Remember
    Covid Christmas
All Shows Start at 12 noon slt

Spirit Light Dance Company A December to Remember
Coved Christmas

So, what more could 2020 throw at us besides pandemics, elections, lockdowns, quarantines, and discovering what your spouse is really like!  The year has been like a new ugly sweater every month, the holiday fruit cake that never goes away, a world of only 3.2 beer!

But alas!  I come bearing good news!  The Spirit Light Dance Company (SLDC) is offering the perfect balm for what ails us.  Mark these dates:  December 6 and 13.  SLDC is presenting a special “Showcase” of its dance artistry entitled “A December to Remember:  A Covid Christmas.”
SLDC’s showcase performances are special.  It is at these events that dancers at all levels of experience in the company are invited to show off their choreographic and dancing skills.  Yes, for some of the dancers, it is white-knuckle time as they debut their first-ever dance creations.  For other dancers it is a moment to experiment, to step close to the edge in expressing their choreographic prowess.  But then choreography in an electronic world is not for the faint of heart, especially when creating the flow and sense of wonder that are hallmarks of SLDC productions.  Challenges include the choreography itself, construction of “rezzers” to get sets on stage, costume design, music selection, and of course rehearsal time.  And here is what makes us smile with pride:  everybody is a volunteer doing what they do for the love of dance!

Featured this year is everything about Christmas, from Botticelli to The Grinch.  Be ready to tap your toes with “Walking in the Air,” unleash your bliss with “Joyful, Joyful,” revel in the familiar tunes of “Classical Christmas,” and feel the fullness in your heart from the sounds of “Ave Maria” and “Till We Meet Again.”  Of course, there is much, much more!

Don’t take my word for it!  Come experience Showcase for yourself.  You have two opportunities, both on Sunday:  December 6 and 13, 12:00 Noon SLT.  As always, come early to get a good seat. Theater of Light -- Rockcliffe University.

This will truly be a “December to Remember.”  
-Ariel Cifuentes Lancaster
Please arrive with your scripts 50 or under...          

The Theater of Light at Rockcliffe University.
Come early to insure seating.  Please Keep your Scripts 50 or under... Thank You

Come and enjoy!