Friday, December 11, 2020



Saturday 12th December 1pm slt at Serrallo De Mogor

The Debauche train of Christmas Cheer keeps chugging along as we visit Serrallo De Mogor.
With so many delights and Christmas gifts, the dancers of Debauche will bring happiness and good will to all.

The shows have been super so far, each one different yet the screaming and shouting, the stamping of feet and clapping of hands been so loud and prolonged

Please come to Serrallo De Mogor in Christmas attire, semi formal or clothing of HAREM or Turkish, Arab Empire 

Saturday 12th December, 1pm slt at Serrallo De Mogor


Sunday 13th December, 1pm slt  Debauche at Surfers Bay

The train carrying the Debauche dancers visit the surfing beach of Surfers Bay.
Debauche will be dancing under the stars as we carry on with our wonderful Christmas shows.
 Will Santa be making an appearance? Possibly, who knows but whatever the ladies will be full of sexiness, maybe some naughtiness but you guessed it. Always Classiness

 Debauche will be making all the waves as the fun and laughter continues at this beautiful location

Please join us in Christmas attire or swimwear as Debauche celebrate Christmas at Surfers

Sunday 13th December, 1pm slt  Debauche at Surfers Bay