Thursday, December 31, 2020

January 2021 Raffle!!



            First of all why not pop down to your local crew over at Dance Queens and slap that 50L$ into the humbling entry box for your chance to win one of four!, you read that correctly one in FOUR chances to win some amazing and assured quality custom builds on the grid from Trompe Loeil!,( Here's the LM to Tromp Loeil! ) The cards are valued at 1K which have been generously donated by Amethyst Starostin Cheveyo!, you read that right too, the wonderful Ame has giving you people 4 gifts to be randomly selected!, So really what are you waiting for! Get your butts to the Raffle box and slap it silly, Or break it and blame beany!.

Take care and goodluck!

Here's your ride to the Raffle!! 

<< thats your limo. if there is anything on the seats, well can't be helped as thats for cleaners not dancers :D