Friday, October 2, 2020

Harleyquin Workshops for October


You heard it right – Harleyquin workshops are back with a remix! What’s a remix, you ask? Taking the best pieces, shaking up the environment, and putting a fun and playful spin on things!


Coming up in October:

Sat Oct 3rd @ 10 am & Wed Oct 7th @ 6 pm:

Creating Dance in a Virtual World: Music, Movement, Message, and the Kitchen Sink

During this workshop we look at some of the key elements in creating a dance: choosing music, animations, movement and tools, the dance message and connection with the audience, costumes and sets, special effects and particles

Length: 1 hour
Everyone welcome!

Sat Oct 10th @ 10 am & Wed Oct 14th @ 6 pm:

Creating Dance in a Virtual World: Dance Tools for Animation, Movement, and Coordination

During this workshop we talk about different types of dance tools, a suggested process for learning, and tools available from Spot On, MetaHarpers, and Barre.

 Length: 1 hour
Everyone welcome!

Sat Oct 24th @ 10 am & Wed Oct 28th @ 4:30 pm:

Creating Dance in a Virtual World: Choosing Music

During this workshop it’s all about the music! We explore different styles of music, transitions, pauses, the audience, and soooo much more!

Length: 1 hour
Everyone welcome!

Sat Oct 24th @ 8:30 am & Wed Oct 28th @ 6 pm:

Spot On Smooth Dancer Animation HUD Class 1: I Wanna Dance!

Let me introduce you to the Smooth Dancer! During this hands on workshop we focus on the basics – loading animations, inviting others to dance, playing animations, how to reinvite and remove dancers. We also review what it can do and why it comes with a toolbox!

Goal: Feel familiar with your HUD and ready for a second date!

Length: 1 hour

Everyone welcome! Smooth Dancer HUD not required!
Prefer to listen and follow along? Comfortable seating is provided!

Stay Tuned for November!

Late arrivals for Activity Workshops:

If arriving after the workshop has begun, please find a seat to listen and follow along. Kindly minimize disruption as possible. Thank you!

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