Friday, October 9, 2020

Dance Queens Showcase Show

Dance Queens is proud to present our Multi-troupe Showcase Performance which includes 8 troupes and 10 choreographers from all over the grid. This show has a variety of skill level, creativity and talent. Every act is brand new and not seen before. Join us for this variety show to be entertained.

OCTOBER 10, 2020 at 2pm SLT

This show features acts by the following choreographers/troupes:

  • Hailie - MoonShadow
  • Azdra - Ravenswood
  • Bea - Soul to Soul
  • Adam - A&M Maniacs
  • Ness - Fantasy Dreams
  • Nadi - Mynx Dance Co
  • SarahRho - Noir Neverland
  • Alexis - Dance Queens
  • Bianka - Elysium Cabaret
  • Melvis - Dance Queens

Feel free to come in any dress but please keep scripts as low as possible to allow the performers to give you a better performance. 
Arrive a bit early as show fills and any time to settle the sim is appreciated. Come out and support the performers. Thank you!


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