Saturday, January 25, 2020

MADaboutDANCE presents Colors Dance

Colors Dance _ Installation and Performance _ virtual interculturalism
presentation on January 29, 2020 at 3PM slt - 8pm Brazil

Technical sheet - Dance of Colors MADaboutDANCE company

  • Artistic direction and scenography: Janjii R. Nataraj
  • Cast: Reinah Saphire, Twister Grut, Wan Laryukov, Blue Dolphin
  • Sculptures by Wan Laryukov
  • Musical Direction: Golfinhazul Rosca

The invitation to participate in the Exhibition Pavilion Destinies Of Senses at The Wrong Biennale, created the opportunity to hold a retrospective exhibition of my main choreographies for the Virtual Dance Company MADaboutDANCE.

The presentations of this retrospective began in November 2019 and will take place one per month until March 2020. The choreographies take place inworld in Second Life and then the records made in machinimas are displayed on the exhibition website. In addition to the shows, we offer monthly oriental and Brazilian music and dance workshops, so that those interested can get closer to this experience immersively / interactively.

On January 29th it will be the turn of the installation / performance Colors Dance.
In this performance we bring together Portugal and Brazil to celebrate the rediscovery in an intercultural exercise through dance, music and poetry.

The installation created by Janjii Rugani Nataraj created a bridge using his paintings that floats over the sea that symbolizes the connection between peoples, and also represents the feeling of belonging, and, at the same time, the Atlantic Ocean, which separates the two countries in physical reality, brings them together poetically in the virtual world, this sea is populated by the dancing sculptures of Wan Laryukov that represent the meeting between the two peoples, Brazilian and Portuguese, and others who want to join us. These sculptures evoke and our bodies of avatars.

Thus, mixed feelings and cultures are the theme of this performance in a choral dance format that, inspired by the work of Rudolf Laban, becomes an interactive experience where everyone is invited to participate, and dance freely using the different options and animations available.

Everyone can choose to join the choreographer Janjii R. Nataraj's HUD or the various dance machines scattered throughout the facility, or even bring their own HUDs. With that, the idea of not having homogeneous movements is clear, but of its diversity, an element that we hope will unite us to be a meeting of avatars from all corners of the world for a dance of celebration of friendship.
Within the invitation to the event, all guests receive a kit with outfits that they can choose to participate in the performance. These outfits are for classic avatars, textured with RL paintings by Janjii Nataraj from the "Just feelings” collection. These outfits can be applied to mesh bodies using Bake on mesh HUDS. Or used in their original classic avatar form. The idea is that everyone becomes living paintings.

In addition to the outfits, the kits bring objects that are to be worn, added to the costume, within the concept of “parangolés” (wearable sculptures) by the Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica who created these wearable sculptures that dance. He created these parangolés to be used in a samba school in Rio de Janeiro. Oiticica was part of the Brazilian neoconcretist movement in the 1960s, which started experimentalism in the arts and work in progress, which has remarkable characteristics of contemporary art in being interactive participatory conceptual.

I brought this concept to Second Life because art in the virtual world also has these characteristics, immersion, interaction, participation and empathy. The use of these concepts to stimulate action is the basis of this performance.

DJ Golfinhazul researched recordings by Brazilian and Portuguese artists in collaborative works that illustrate this interculturality very well. Produced a soundtrack for the performance.

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