Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Saturday 25th January at 1pm slt , The Trophy Room
Debauche happily return to one of their favourite venues this week, The Trophy Room. A wonderful place to relax, to be intrigued, to be a tease...and who doesn't like to tease?
So come join us this Saturday in a marvelous theater full of marvelous people for some good old fashioned teasing Debauche magic.
Dress is formal, leave your scripts at home. Enjoy xxxx
Saturday, 1pm, 25th January, The Trophy Room


Sunday 26th January Debauche coming Home 1pm slt
 We always like to make the home shows extra special, this show will be no different. We like call these The Best of the Best. So come and enjoy brand new routine along with very special routines that will astonish you. Also possibly the least laggiest venue we dance at.. All in all these are the shows no true Debauche fan want to MISS
Please come Early for the best seats and relax as Debauche entertain YOU !!!

Hi everybody..
 Just a reminder that you can pick up all the goings on from Debauche at our wonderful website which is updating, upgrading and becoming bigger and better every day thanks to the wonderful R.
 Theres full calendar of our up and coming shows, links to streams should you ever need these. section dedicated to our wonderful dancers plus a brief history on how Debauche started.
 Also a page dedicated to videos of lots of our routines taken by some of you our fans. Other links as well so please take a look around and save the link to your favourites.

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