Thursday, January 2, 2020

Debauche Shows This Weekend!

4th January, Ville de Coeur, 1pm SLT

Debauche return to the normal shows after a very successful and enjoyable Christmas season, bringing new magic to the beautiful theater at Ville De Coeur.

Come join us at 1pm SLT for a dazzling show that is....wait for it...ALWAYS CLASSY

Saturday 4th January, 1pm SLT, Ville de Coeur


5th January, Babylon Berlin, 12.30pm SLT

Babylon Berlin, the home of hedonism, of pleasure and of debauchery.... sounds perfect doesn't it?

Debauche return to this wonderful sim and its wonderful people for another magical, dazzling show, with new material as well as the more familiar Debauche magic

Join us in this gloriously decadent location this Sunday, 5th

Sunday 5th January, Babylon Berlin, 12.30pm SLT

Please Join Us - Here's Your Ride