Tuesday, October 1, 2019

*NEW* October Raffle

The October Raffle prizes are donated by The Blue Angel Burlesque Dancers who are three guys and four girls who dance on Sundays at the Blue Angel Club on the Anu Sim. We're slightly different in that we dance bi-weekly and work with two RL singers to produce two hour long themed shows using the Spot on Dance System. We'll also be doing monthly Burlesque themed shows soon with other choreos from around the grid. We're presently looking for a 5th girl to join us, so if you think you're up to it get in touch! Check our ad this month in the DQ Info Center.

So, to the prizes for October! ...
1st - L$3,000
2nd - L$2,000
3rd - L$1,000

Please try your luck and support Dance in SL with Dance Queens! The 50L entry gives you a chance to win! The entry fees go to helping with tier for Dance Queens, future raffles, dance parties, etc... Thank you!

Louise Zimmer
The Staff at Dance Queens

Good Luck!