Sunday, October 13, 2019

MADaboutDANCE presents Dance of the Lives

Dance of the Lives - From the human to the post-human body
The Dance of Lives choreography was born from a reflection on the relationship between body and technology today, which leads us to a process of metamorphosis in which our physical body becomes virtual body, an avatar in a virtual world. By exploring the diverse artistic possibilities in these worlds, the avatar became an avatar performer, protagonist of the artwork and mediator of realities. Through it we can feel as if we were actually present there in that dancing scene. This makes us wonder what impacts these experiences have on our cognition and our perception. Our physical body on the other side of the screen has contracted, has spasms and impulses generated by the moving image on the screen and emotions emerge in a true aesthetic experience that makes us realize our multidimensional, characteristic of a new being called by many post-human .
This choreography try to translate these perceptions into images and tries to share with the public this process of metamorphosis we are going through and we still do not have a clear view of where we will go or what we have become, and different aspects will emerge as the acts of this piece unfold.
Virtual dance
 I call virtual dance because it is not a reproduction of dance that is done in physical reality and its own language using the platform and the animations available in the virtual world as tools that are articulated com-positional elements, having as aesthetic references movements and dance concepts. from the 20th and 21st centuries.
The work does not tell a story, it shows a trajectory.
Act I  
This course begins with the representation of the concept that the human being manifested in his body projects beyond his physical limits through the physical energy that produces and emanates and thus interacts with the world and society experiences emotions. , sensations, suffer and rejoice, experience victories and defeats and project into the virtual reality. Symbolically this act is an invocation to the dance muses dedicated to Isadora Duncan that we intend to refer bringing animations with more natural characteristics.
Act II - Virtual dance as an aesthetic experience:
Emphasizes the abstract beauty of body movement that draws space.
It features a sequence of modern, contemporary and jazz dance animations that revere the modernist spirit of Ruth St. Denis, Martha Graham, Doris Humphey, Rudolf Laban, Mary Wigman, Kandinsky and others.
Act III: From the human body to the post-human.
Choreographic sequence that reflects about the contemporary human body. The being in which body and soul are indivisible manifests in the virtual worlds in the form of an avatar, the virtual body. The mandalas are the chakras, energy centers of the human body which, by expanding into multiple identities and realities, transcend all borders and in the form of atoms and pixels, constituent elements of matter and digital image that freely de-materialize and navigate the world. space at any moment taking all the forms that the imagination inspires.

Title: Dance of Lives - From the Human Body to the Post-human
Troupe MADaboutDANCE participation in the BURN2 2019 Virtual
Presentation of choreography to be performed in real time from the meta-verse Second Life by Brazilian and Portuguese avatars.

Conception and direction: Isa Seppi / Janjii Rugani
Janjii Rugani / Isa Seppi (BR),
Wan Laryukov / Wanda Campos (EN),
Twister Grut
Reinah Sapphire
Golfinhazul Rosca / Maria José Cabrita (EN),
Music Stream: DJ Golfinhazul Rosca
Set, lighting and costumes: Isa Seppi / (avatar- Janjii Rugani)
Mandalas: Jose Andres Saldarriaga
Day: October 16, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM SLtime
10:00 pm Portugal
11:00 pm Spain
11:00 pm Germany
6:00 pm Brazil
7:00 pm Argentina
Duration: 30 minutes