Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Area Search is now an even better friend...

Hi there. R here.

A lot of choreographers use backstage movers. So, it should be easy to find a mover.

Some choreographers put movers on stage, or they're behind the set and off to the sides, some way up high.

For that, I use Area Search. I just search for the number of the mover, turn on beacons, and I can Zoom into it.

Oh, there it is. Right-click and Sit.

(This assumes that your choreographer gives each mover a distinct name or number, of course.)

With the newest Firestorm release, not only will you get Bakes On Mesh, but you now have the Sit command in the results of Area Search.

Just search for the mover, right click, Sit, and accept the dialog box.

If Area Search wasn't your friend before, it is now.

Heck, it might just be your best friend with benefits. (ew.)

Oh, where is Area Search?

Right-click your bottom toolbar, select Toolbar Buttons, and drag Area Search to your toolbar.

There. That's where it is. (Show Friends Only is another useful item to add to your toolbar, BTW.)