Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Wrangling Your Inventory Ideas - The Purge: Clothing, mesh models and sizes

Can you hear my inventory creaking and groaning as I log into SL?  At 206,046 items, that's a lot of inventory cache for my system to load and sort through.  Sure, I have enough outfits for the next three years but will I ever wear that system dress created in 2009 again?

For me, an inventory this size can create delays when logging in, after crashing (because it often needs to rebuild the inventory cache), and freezing while changing outfits.  My dancing alt with a slim trim inventory? It's like comparing Olympic runners to those laps I had to do in high school gym class. 

Size does make a difference when it comes to inventory!  SL's general recommendation is an inventory under 100,000 items.  As a choreographer I tend to accumulate a lot of stuff - costumes, textures, set props, animations, etc., and don't forget SL counts folders in your inventory count too.  My goal is to at least reduce my inventory and be able to find the great stuff I have and forgot about!

Clothing Mesh Models & Sizes - Do you really need to keep them all?

I have a Maitreya body, which has become the unofficial standard for female mesh bodies in this dance world.  I have -582% intention to switch to another mesh body.  This by far isn't the only one though and creators wanting to make their outfits available to everyone will often send a Maitreya size, Freya, Slink, Belleza, TMP, standard sizes and more!  Instead of 1 dress, I get 12 - only 1 which I can use.

Not only does this bloat my inventory, it makes it harder for me to find the one I need to wear.

I must admit it was a bit scary at first - especially being a natural hoarder here in SL but I bit the bullet and have been deleting the sizes I'll never wear.  For this one folder alone I deleted twelve items.  Twelve, leaving just five items.

If you're looking to reduce your inventory, this may be something to consider.  Do it as soon as you unpack a new outfit and you'll find your inventory easier to maintain.    

Happy dancing!
~ Eva