Tuesday, July 2, 2019

*New* July Raffle

Elayn, Educator of Let's Dance Classes and author of the blog The Studio will be the sponsor of the DQ raffle for July and it will be for  FOUR prizes!

Have you SEEN the new MetaHarper (MST) Beta 6.x Show Tools System yet?! The Beta version is out and there are so many added features and additions to the old feature that it warrants a whole new CLASS! and those classes are coming in July!!
There are plans in the works to provide tools to class participants that can be used at the classroom so you can get to know the Beta versions early before they are available as part of your regular system updates!!

To celebrate and introduce you to some of the new products, the July Raffle will be all about MetaHarper Dance Tools!

DQ is raffling off TWO of the new Dancer Edition Choreo HUDs. This HUD is DESIGNED for those big group dances! - MetaHarper SmartScript technology! This HUD automatically turns its own scripts off and on depending on how you are using it. If you are animating 80 avatars, no problem! If you are animating just a handful of friends, most scripts will automatically be disabled for the highest possible performance of your hud and your region.
This HUD is loaded with features for social dancing and performance dancers alike!

But that's not ALL!!

We will also raffle off TWO MetaHarper Animation Understudies (aka Cache Bot). By playing animations in a loop, MetaHarpers Animation Understudy can be useful for keeping critical animations always present in the viewer cache of nearby spectators. This cool Animesh tool can do all of your animation caching for you! Copy your show animations into the bot (AUTOMATICALLY downloads from MST HUDs!!) and the bot will cycle through the animations for you! You can customize the appearance of the animesh character by copying the scripts included with this product and placing them into your own, moddable animesh character of choice.


Here's a video to get you started:

Entry is 50L and all proceeds go to support Dance Queens. One entry per member of Dance Queens. You can enter here in the Info Center. And Elayn will be teaching classes in July covering the new Metaharper tools, see calendar here for times.

Good Luck to All!