Friday, July 5, 2019

Two Debauche shows this weekend!

Debauche - June 30 2019

Saturday 6th July, 1pm SLT Ville de Couer

We begin yet another month at the beautiful theater at Ville de Couer. Always a delight to perform here in front of the lovely people of this gorgeous sim. 

Please come join us for a show filled with fun, frolics, drama, romance and classy, yes, classy dancing.

Ville de Coeur, 1pm Saturday 6th July 1pm SLT

Come see the show!

Sunday 7th July, Babylon Berlin 12.30pm SLT

This is a special show. Full of epic fantasy, dragons, armies of unstoppable and ever so slightly gorgeous warriors, marching to bring you the best of Debauche.

Swords, sorcery, sexiness guessed it...CLASSYness (its a word!)

A whole show full of grand, epic fantasy to make you gasp, make you cry, make you want to take arms against a sea of troubles.

Join us at Babylon, Sunday 7th July, 12.30pm SLT

Come see the show!