Monday, April 1, 2019

*NEW* DQ Raffle For April

Hi there,

The Dance Queens raffles are a fun way to raise funds for the organization while promoting cool and useful products within Second Life for dance animations, building components, costumes, and other things.

Well, this month, it's something a bit cooler.

R. has been using a 3D Space navigator for over 10 years to capture photos and video, and swears by it. It's a game-changer in Second Life, freeing you from the frustrating and clunky keyboard camera controls.

Ask anyone who's got one, and they'll swear by it. And if you win the raffle, so will you.

If you win, we'll figure out what's the easiest way to get one of these to you:
- Add it to your Amazon Wish List and R. will gift it to you.
- R. will give you the Linden Dollars to cash out and buy it yourself.
- Some other way that works best for you.

Come by the Dance Queens Infocenter to enter.