Tuesday, April 23, 2019

*NEW* DQ Challenge

SHOW DATE: Saturday, July 20th at 2pm SLT
REHEARSAL DATE: Wednesday, July 7th at 2pm OR 6pm SLT
Pick one and let Web know which one you will be rehearsing at.

Go to Toy's art gallery.  Look around.  Pick one art work that 'speaks' to you.  IM Web AND drop her a NC with the name of the art work that you have picked.  Create a dance inspired by that art.  It does not have to be a replica of the art work.  It only has to be an expression of how that art work makes you feel.  Please note: FIRST COME FIRST CLAIMED!  If you pick an art work that has already been claimed, you will have to pick something else.  So don't delay, go pick your art work today.

Gallery SL URL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lafew/226/190/80

We did this one a LONG time ago with Elysium and it was really fun, one of my all-time fave shows I have ever done.  Time to do it again!

Another note:  Please DO NOT sign up for this show unless you fully intend to fulfill your commitment.  Overextending and then pulling out denies someone else a chance to have danced in this show.  Please DO NOT wait until the week before rehearsal to start your dance creation.  Please be professional and show some respect for the show organizers, be prepared and ready to show your dance at your scheduled rehearsal.  Thank you!

Sign-up is limited to the first ten people who IM/NC Web with an art work selection.  So avoid disappointment, don't delay!