Monday, April 15, 2019

Let's make the raffle just a little more crazy...

Well, April is halfway over... and that means there's two weeks left to enter the Dance Queens raffle to win that SpaceNavigator I put out there.


Yes, I know. It's crazy, right? Who would put one of those things up for raffle?

Me. I would. Been hitting the bleach a little hard this month, and... well, on second thought... maybe I shouldn't raffle off one of these things.

No, it's not the cost. Pfeh, these things are worth their weight in gold, man.

But... I mean, some of you are probably thinking Hey, Jilley keeps winning those raffles, she's just going to win this one, too.

[17:39] Jilley: its just that I won 3 in a row, and if they have a problem that can sod off lol

See? Girl's got chutzpah there. She's throwing down on y'all.

But I've taken care of that. (No, I didn't have Jilley banned from the sim with the raffle board.)

What I did was have Web set up that raffle board to pick TWO winners.

TWO! TWO SPACENAVIGATORS! (Who's the crazy one now, huh?)

That way, when Jilley wins one of those doohickeys, like she always does, rubbing it in y'all's faces and shouting THUNDERSTRUCK like the Devil Girl she is, there's still one left for someone else to win.

How's them apples, folks?

Get your butt to the Dance Queens headquarters and enter that raffle. Show your support for Dance Queens, and maybe you'll walk away with something extra.

(Don't make me call The Dance Police!)