Thursday, August 23, 2018


Hi there. Me again. (No butts today. Or Dance Police.)

I go to a lot of dance performances. And take a lot of photos.

I also scan the audience and performers for interesting fashion items.

If I like something, such as hair with bows or ribbons to add to my disturbingly large collection, I'll use What Is She Wearing or Firestorm's Inspect feature to figure out the name of it and the creator.

Last Sunday, at Club IMAGE, Lizu Melody of Club Arty was wearing some odd attachments...

Club Image - August 19 2018

The attachments on her arms turned out to be Bone Injectors by Death Row Designs.

I have some furniture from there, but didn't know about these. So, I looked them up and picked up a pack.

Next to them, I saw some sparkling wires. Something I've been wanting for a very long time, and after many unsuccessful attempts to make my own look good, I bought theirs.

(I also hunted down the creator of Yume's hair. You know, bows and ribbons.)

What things have you gone out and bought because you saw them at a dance act?