Thursday, August 31, 2017

We can't stop here...

It's not over yet...
Hi there.
I’m R. Crap Mariner.
(The R. stands for Robot. Read your Asimov.)
You may have seen me at a dance performance or two.
I shoot pictures. I shoot a lot of pictures.
Way too many pictures.
Now that Verizon owns Flickr, I’m sure they’ll eventually apply their rate-plan definition of “unlimited” to Flickr Pro.
(Or just kill it, like Yahoo did with Cloud Party.)

Sometimes, I write things.
Strange things.
A lot of them are about a pirate named George.
(He’s not a very good pirate.)
I used to blog about Second Life stuff.
I used to blog about a lot of things.
But I don’t anymore.
I think that’s a relief to a lot of people.
(Especially me.)

I tweet now and then.
Sometimes as me. And sometimes as someone else.
(They wear a bag over their head.)
I don’t Plurk, though. Blech.

They asked me if I wanted to blog for Dance Queens.
My initial response was “... no?”
I’m not a performer.
I’m not a choreographer. Or a director.
I’m not a costumer or set designer.
I’m not a hostess or a bouncer or a deejay.
I’m not a member of any dance troupe’s performance group.
And, most days, I’m a lousy tipper, too.
(Although, to be honest, y’all are like the musicians. The same 100L keeps getting passed back and forth, right?)

So, why blog for Dance Queens?
What the hell am I doing here?
What the hell are you doing here?
I’m not sure.
Let’s figure out why together, okay?
I’ll have some questions and thoughts about dance stuff for y’all.
Maybe even reach out in IMs now and then, if that’s okay.
Tell me what the hell is missing in your life in the comments.
I can’t solve everything, but maybe someone else can.
Who the hell knows?
Because, we can’t stop here… THIS IS BAT COUNTRY!

(More to come…)