Monday, August 21, 2017

A New System for Submissions

Hiya Dance Queens and Kings!

Some change is good, let's try and embrace this one :)
There is a new calendar note card system. Hopefully this system makes things easier on all of us. Here's how it works, it's a little similar to what DQ used to have but more efficient. If you want to be listed on the calendar, you need a note card with a description of your event(s) and date(s) and time(s) along with a valid slurl for your venue. If you want a blog posting of your event then include an image, simple as that. If there is no note card submission, it will not be on the calendar. Please submit at least 48 hours prior to your event to allow us at DQ to get the post up, we are busy folks as well. We are trying to be fair to all and this is how it's more fair.

Ok here's the change...we will not be accepting note cards directly passed anymore. There is a bright yellow post box in the Info Center  right by the interactive calendar. Hold control and drag your notecard to the box, when you do that, all 5 managers will be notified that there are cards to be picked up. When the cards are picked up the cards will then be transferred to the DQ bot for safe keeping should any problems arise.

There will be a record of when the card was dropped, picked up and who picked them up. This ensures no favoritism, no lost cards and hopefully no issues with who to submit to anymore, no double cards or posts either. The calendar has been adjusted so that each of us will be listed as the person posting as well and Babypea will no longer be posting regularly.

So you have 4 of us on at many hours of the day posting for the community, no worries about time zones or autoresponses, busy messages and the like. And since the calendar is right there, everyone can see all events listed and maybe there will be less cross booking, no? Well one can hope right? :))

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement and if there are questions, please feel free to contact one of us...Web, Ame, Cherri, Fuki or Babypea (there are online indicators right across from the Post box for your convenience.)

Lastly, Blog changes are next. Please don't disable notices as we only send one daily digest and a few special announcements. There's not much excuse for not knowing if you have them disabled. And please remember, we provide a service for the community as volunteers not public servants, a smile goes a long way!

Thanks again, Web