Friday, August 25, 2017

Club IMAGE @ LEA-27 Sim Wide Show

IMAGE Dance performance at LEA-27

"The sacred treasure of elven"
It's our previous theatrical dance production from Fantasy Faire 2017
and we reproduce it for LEA using the whole SIM.

LEA27 Virtual theatre IMAGE 2017*SHOWTIMES*

August 25 (FRI) 11:00 PM SLT
August 27 (SUN) 7:00 AM SLT
September 2 (SAT) 7:00 AM SLT
September 2 (SAT) 11:00 PM SLT


The SIM is now ready and open for everyone !
And, we are happy to be able to share this fantasy world with you !
So, Please feel free to come visit us there anytime and feel the world of elven!