Monday, December 14, 2015

Some words I think I should say...

Hey Everyone...

I would like to be this a "Happy Holidays" writing... But before I do that, I would like to write something else....

I know many of you, never read the blog, or look at the DQ Calendar... Some of you (actually many of you) never did visit even once the Dance Queens INFO Center...

Why do I mention these 3 things?
Well.. these are 3 of the free services, Dance Queens offers to our members.

Let me introduce myself shortly, for those who don't know me...

My name is Zhaza Zerbino and i "run" Dance Queens for the last few years,
Nottoo Wise is the founder from this group and after she decided to leave this group as a leader, I have been mixed in it.
First together with others, later "alone".
When I say "alone", I don't mean at I do everything here on my own... It only means at I pay the bills and make decisions when they get tough.. take the angry words from members who aren't that happy with something (and believe me... can be the most silly things) .. well.. the things a "leader" of a group does.
Many of you know this role ;o)

As any other leader, I like at things goes well.. smooth and without drama's.
I am so very lucky, to have worlds best managers to help me with all kind of stuff and I really couldn't do without them! And they know!! Because I tell them ;o)

But... let me come to the point..

Dance Queens, is a group, some offers services to its members.
Its free and for all dance related things.
In the group head is written what the "rules" are.

We send out one group note daily, with the info we get from members about their shows and other info, if we have.
The group chat is meant, to remind other members, at your show is soon on, or if you have a question, you think other members can help you with.
The group chat is not meant, to announce other stuff. We are not a group, that announce when someone start a new club of have other events then dance events.
It's also not meaning, at you remind multiple times about same show.. best to do it shortly before the show start.
Sadly, the group gets used for that so now and then... or there is some announcement, that doesn't make it quite clear, if its about a dance show or not.
When I notice this, I write to the person, who send the group chat, ask is its dance related and if not, I will ask them to announce at the announcement boards at the Dance Queens Center and not in the chat.
I will always write a private message, when I think at everyone can make mistakes and it also can be me, who understand it wrong. After all, English is not my native language, so I try to be sure what people mean, before I take "steps".
Well.. we all would close a group chat, when it gets to much. And thats something we would like to avoid. It should be interesting for all members.

Most of the times, it's just a misunderstanding and it can be solved smooth with a little private chat.
But sometimes people really become rude... say harsh words and get angry.
If I would write something in their group chat, that isn't relevant to their group, wouldn't they ask me "hey ZZ, what are you doing? why you write that in our group?" or in the worse case even ban me from group??
I have seen it happen many times in other groups... and there people even "fight" in the group chat.
I don't think at anyone who owns a group, likes spam in their groups... well.. neither does Dance Queens!!

I also don't like the rudeness or unreasonable complains.
Some people forget, at we do this to help others, give info, send out the info, dates and times from upcoming shows.
But we also are human behind our Avatars.. we have RL lives and SL lives...
Is it to much asked, at you look yourself at the Calendar, if your event got posted? Or do you really have to complain, after a group note is sent, and your group is not on it?
Or do you really think, at when you send a note, without any further info, at we know what we have to do with it?
Do you know, at even when we get our messages in mail, when we are not online, at 100% of those messages also get through?
I think we all have same "issues".
Messages get capped, we crash while someone did send us a message or note, we haven't sen yet or maybe we did send it to the wrong Avatar? I guess we all tried that once?

I can speak for myself AND the Managers, when I say, at we do all we can, to make Dance Queens to a good INFO group... but we need you all, to make it work smooth.
We can post your events.. but we need to know about them.
We need info.. best when its all in a note... so we don't get a note, text in chat, a LM and a texture separate. It's not always easy to find out, what belongs to what.
I am sure at we all get lots of messages and notes...

If you send something out that you want us to post on the blog or calendar, remind us again, if you don't see it there yet.
I always send out the links, after i posted... so people can check out, if all is fine.
If you didn't got that message, well.. remind us again on it...
Maybe we were busy, while you did send out your note... maybe not even at the keyboard...
Maybe we just forgot (we still are human).
And when we forgot...
Just send us a message and say "hey.. did you forget me?" "hey... i can't see our show on the calendar".  Something like that...
Don't make it sound as a bad thing... and check out yourself in a good time, if you are on the Calendar.

Phew... that was something to write down..
But I really needed to speak out loud this time, when I think at people sometimes forget to be reasonable.
I don't like to ban people or delete them from group. I think we are all adult people, who should could have a normal conversation, without any badmouthing.
But if someone really is this unhappy with the work we do, then I don't understand at they want to stay in the group.

I wish you all happy days up to Christmas...
I will send out a "Happy Christmas" later on ;o)

Dance with pleasure!!
ZZ ♥
(Zhaza Zerbino)