Saturday, December 12, 2015

Snowflake Family Show for Kids of All Ages

Every snowflake is unique. They are so small yet extremely complex, each one a miracle of creation. Snowflakes are made of complex ice crystals but appear white because the small crystal facets reflect the whole spectrum of light from many angles. You could say, snowflakes share what they see from every viewpoint. They are open-minded, fair, and honest.
Snowflake celebrates the miracle and wonderment of childhood. A show performed by littles, full of magic and imagination… beauty, discovery, and a bit of humor!  Presented in a special venue with plenty of cupcake seating.  The first to arrive can sit on Santa’s lap for the duration of the show… or ride the frozen carousel!  Or cuddle a dear one on a sleigh.  We hope to share this unique look a the holidays with you.
Saturday, December 12 at 7pm SLT