Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dance Queens Island, temporary closed!!

Hey Everyone..

I decided to close the land "Dance Queens Island" temporary.
Let me explain the reason for this...

Yesterday 6pm slt, There was a griefer attack, where lots of scripted boxes were rezzed at the land beside mine... The boxes did shout ugly words, but the scripts made it look like, at is was me shouting there words.
As they were not on my land, I could not remove them and had to ask the sim owner to do that.
Of course i did report the rezzer of the boxes and so did the sim owner.
This morning, I got again a message, at someone did rez those boxes on the DQ land... so I went online and found again boxes, scripted to shout in my name... Of course i did remove then and send another griefing reporting.

This got taken very seriously and I'm atm in contact with Linden Lab, where we try to find out, who the griefer is and make him/her for ever stop (luckily Linden have this power, to trace users, even they make alts for this kind of ugly stuff)

I will keep you all up to date of course... and if there is something I can help you with, you are always welcome to send me a message ;o)

Hope you understand my way of handle this.

Nothing can make us stop happy dancing ;o))

ZZ ♥
(Zhaza Zerbino)