Sunday, November 8, 2015

Need a Venue at NO CHARGE? Check Out the *NEW* Las Vegas!

The *NEW* Las Vegas is finally OPEN!

We’ve got over a dozen places and ways to show you off to the grid, so stop on by and check us out!
The theatrical stages we have are ready for your dance troupe or show, AT NO CHARGE! This offer is open to ALL forms of Second Life entertainment including but not limited to dance troupes, singers and live music performers, tribute bands, artists, and more.  If you need a venue and have something creative to share with others, contact us! We have always been very generous people, and to keep in the tradition, we want to share our success, and we just want people to enjoy the *NEW* Las Vegas!
One thing we are also doing, is bi-monthly parades that run around the Vegas Strip and they are open to our tenants AND we are opening them up also to the Dance Queens to join in the fun! They are a great way to get the word out about your troupe and performances.
So come on by and check us out, and see which venue you prefer to perform in! I suggest starting at The Rio, just go past the Check-In desk in the lobby, and take the golden elevator to one of our Rio stages, but don’t stop there! We have two full sims to explore and more than a dozen venues!
Let’s share the art of dance!
Clint Quandry
Michelle Mavendorf
BetinaValentin Biler