Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dance Troupe Owners! Dance 2015 "A Year In SL Dance" Needs Your Pics!

Hello Troupe Owners!!

Move magazine is interested in putting together a pictorial of your FAVORITE dances from this past year and putting it out in our December issue. We are looking for 10 pictures of your favorite or most memorable dances from 2015, and one with your troupe logo if possible please. This is to promote YOU and your dance family, and we want to do it as well as possible, so the following will help to make the pictures look the best they can!

Remember pics need to be as large as possible. I can shrink them but if I have to stretch them, they distort. The minimum size for pics is 1024 pi (pixel inches) height by 768 pi wide, 72 DPI (dots per inch). Twice that size is very nice. These are too large to upload in SL, so please email them.  If your fave pics are smaller than that and they are all you have, then send them and we will do our best with them.  We will just be limited on the size we can make them.

Email addy is kelidarkmatter@gmail.com Please be sure to put who you are, your troupe name somewhere for me please.

ALSO, if you are doing a Christmas show, please please please, list that for me and return in a notecard or in the email, either will work, but we want to be sure we get folks to see your special Xmas show if possible!

Please let me know that you got this and if you are participating as I need this by November 16th. The sooner the better the please. But we need to be sure it makes it in the this December issue and need time to get it placed right.

Thank you so much!!!!

Kellan (Kelika Dubrovna) Writer for MOVE and Showtime Magazine